Issue#1265: iPhone 5c: Can someone explain this date & time issue one iOS 8.3?

  • This device has a very strange date & time issue (maybe multiple issues).

    Auto time/date

    • will not automatically detect the timezone
    • will not automatically adjust to the correct time

    Maintain time/date

    • the time will count upwards as normal until the screen is locked for roughly 10 minutes (sleep)
    • once the device resumes from sleep (unlock) it will display the time that was registered immediately prior to sleeping - and will continue to count upwards as normal from there

    Manually setting time/date

    • when manually setting the date & time, the day/month scroll will sporadically change - for example: above the selector bar will show 9 May, below the bar will show 11 May but inside the bar will show 26 Oct (all just example dates).
    • when scrolling through the dates, the day/month will magically meld into the incorrect sequence of day/month
    • often the 'set date & time' will jump forward or backward by as much as 30 years or more (sometimes also resetting to Unix Epoch)
    • often the scrolling selector will just end at a completely conceivable date - such as ending on 9 Sep 1983 with no further dates possible after that

    I have noticed that this issue also seems to effect WiFi stability. Likely due to security rejecting because of incorrect time.

    Here is a video I have taken which identifies most of the issues (watch for the magic trick around 3:45 lol)

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  • Issue#115023: iOS date bug-serious issue for k12 1-1 iOS deployments possibly

    Those in k12 with large 1-1 iOS deployments - are you tracking with the recently discovered date setting bug in iOS? Expect a large wave of bricked units to be turned in by Students who 'have no idea how this happened'. Just yet another reason on Supervised iOS devices Apple needs to lock all settings all together. Reportedly this only affects 64 bit units. Luckily in our environment we have iPad 3s deployed - non 64 bit A5 CPU - so we hopefully we will miss the brunt of this.

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    Touch ID on the iPhone 6s is extremely fast, right? Well, it's so fast that it's unlocking my phone for a split second (meaning it sends you to the SpringBoard) and then locking it again, prompting you AGAIN to scan your finger. Second time you scan it unlocks your phone appropriately. It's a bizarre issue that has only been occurring on iOS 9.3 PB3 on an iPhone 6s as far as I can recall. Anyone else experiencing this? Or do I have to reset all settings and see if it fixes it?

  • Issue#297785: iPad/iPhone IOS 9.1.X Attachment Issue

    I have nearly 200 iPads in the field, primarily iPad Air 2 64GB w. Verizon SIM.  Shortly after 9.1.X was released, many of my users could no longer open (or even see) attachments in the default mail client.  This is for an account to our Exchange Server as well as private POP accounts.  Forums indicate the issue is well known.  After several tips failed: reinstall associated client apps, such as Excel, Google Docs and Adobe Reader, I contacted Apple, who could only suggest doing an iTunes based Restore Mode and install the latest IOS (not downgrade).  That works, but only for a short while.  Eventually, it'll be random and then attachments stop appearing all together.  Updating to 9.2 doesn't help. Has any of you encountered this and found a better solution?   I've got many unhappy users by now. 

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    Please help. have contacted Apple Support and we have tried everything, but after I updated my device to iOS 9.3, my iPhone 6 is stuck in boot-loop and I am unable to access the phone. A few hours after I updated it, I was able to see the home screen and even use my device for 1-2 minutes before it froze and hard-reset. Now it just sits on the apple logo when you launch the phone. iTunes does not recognize it when I plug in my computer. I am up to date on iTunes and my operating system.... issue with iPhone 6 and iOS 9.3 - anyone else? boot-loop

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    My parents are having a problem setting the date and time on their BT 7610 handset system - since the clocks changed for DST. Using the menu to get to date/time allows them to change the time, and then when trying to change the date it displays as 126/00/201 and then changes to 12/00/0000.  When they try to enter a new date - for example 04 / 04 / 2016 it does not allow the second '4' digit to be entered. After this neither the date nor time is changed. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hey hopping someone can help, I recently got a iphone 5c that was dead, I replaced the battery and the screen and i got it working again. The problem is the time doesn't set automatically even though the setting is on and when I lock the screen the time stops counting. Can anyone help?

  • Issue#696068: Giffgaff - iPhone 6s on IOS 9.3.2 battery issue

    Hi there, i have had my iPhone 6s since October and all was fine until the IOS 9.3 update came it and I installed it. Since then my battery has drained a lot faster than it did before the update. My phone now won't last a whole day without needing to be charged and that is with low power mode on. I was hoping when IOS 9.3.2 was released that it might fix the battery issue, however it hasn't! I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and if their are any know fixes? I have tried various things, such as a full reset and back up, but with no improvement. many thanks Chris 

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    Dear Sony ,  I bought a new Sony W-950D 50" Andriod TV and from day one i am hating sony for this bug .  I an using TV connected with Wifi Router - NETGEAR .  Problem : When ever i switch off TV and On it again - Data and time resetting to default time 5:30AM 1-1-2015 and its panicing when ever i open you tube i need to set it to right one manually . And it doesnt fix once i dot ..for every power off and power on same problem i face . Given my wifi route is ON all the time 24/7 .. It is a Clear Bug from Sony Side nothing to do with anything else . You people not able to maintina a proper clock setting by it own once it is configured ??? i see this problem is not new and over the portal it is running across the world . Why Sony is so silent in fixing simple problem ?? 

  • Issue#1023999: Webroot - Apple Outs iOS 9.3.4 for iPhone, iPad & iPod to Fix an Important Security Issue

    Users are urged to update their devices as soon as possible                                       Aug 4, 2016 21:20 GMT  Â·  By Marius Nestor   Today, August 4, 2016, Apple has released the fourth maintenance update to the iOS 9.3 stable series of mobile operating systems for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.   iOS 9.3.4 comes approximately two weeks after the release of the third maintenance update, iOS 9.3.3, to only fix an important security issues that was used by the Pangu Team to jailbreak iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3.3.   According to Apple, the security issue was in fact a memory corruption bug, which could have allowed an application to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges. The iOS 9.3.4 update addresses the issue by improving the memory hand

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    I am using iOS 8.4 with the PAYPAL PAY HERE app on an iPhone 6.  When you start up the app, you canot login as you cannot enter your emaul address.  it only lets you enter your password.  Is there a way to get this working on ios 8.4 with iPhone 6?  I cannot upgrade to the latesrt iOS at this time. Thank you ...

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    Hi After screen replacement I can't seem to press or test camera button on lock screen. Please help. Screen seems to work, I can press pass keys or dial keys on lock screen. Thank you for your time.

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    I just have a simple qustion for ps vita users. In your experience have all yiour ps vita card always broken or caused issues with age? Just trying to get general information on this.

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    I am having an issue today with a DAX formula. The scenario is as follows. I have 2 Power BI desktop files which are formatted identically. I have them linked to separate Excel workbooks which are formatted identically. I am inserting a calculated column into both datasets under "Modeling" in Power BI with the following formula: Week_Crctd = if(weeknum('Line Calls'[Date])<=52,(weeknum('Line Calls'[Date])),1)In one PBI desktop file, I receive the expected result; a whole number between 1 and 52 which varies correctly according to the [Date] value. In the other file, I receive the following error: ï»¿ As I mentioned before, both Excel files are formatted with the exact same number formatting in these columns and both PBI desktop files are formatted with the same Data Type, Format, Data Category, and Default Summarization. What gives? Thanks guys and gals

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    Hello everyone, I just a bought a new iPhone 6s and have started to download some movies onto it. However, one movie crashed while downloading and now takes up about 4GB of useless space on my phone and I can't find a way to delete it. I've already tried PhoneClean, but that doesn't work. This is an issue that has been going one for several generations of iPhone right now, does anybody have a solution?

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    Recently I have noticed that my iphone 5s is not holding a charge. Last nite before retiring, I charged phone to 100%. This morning first thing I checked charge and it had run down to 50% without any use. I am at a loss on what to do. Thanks for all suggestions.

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    Hi, I recently (in the last week) switched from an Android device to an iPhone 6s. I am finding a couple little quirks that are driving me crazy. I'm not sure if it is related to the software version I am on or if there is anything I can do. The first issue I am having is: I like to read reviews a lot before I make a purchase. When I am on Walmart's website looking at reviews, as soon as the page finishes loading all reviews shorten to a certain length and are cut off ending in a "..." and... ios 9.2.1 Safari issue?

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    hi,   i have this issue on my TestStand 4.2, everytime I do continuous testing (Execute >> Test UUTs), each UUT has the same Time in reporting. What I need is how to modify the process model in such a way each UUT should have different Time in reporting. Please see image below for reference.   thanks, val87  

  • Issue#19517: Occasionally missing data from output - Issue with Elapsed Time, Sample Compression, or something el

    Hi all, Hope you can help with the following. I have: A DAQ Assistant reading from 2 thermocouples at 1 Hz Sample Compression (factor of 60) to obtain the average every minute (not rolling average) Producer/consumer setup Elapsed Time which enables Write to Measurement (xlsx) every 60 seconds I ran this from 3:50pm to 7:22am the following morning. It seems to have worked, but I noticed that about once an hour, a data point is missing. Is this an issue with timing or how I set up the VI? Please advise.   Thanks!  

  • Issue#20202: How can I move the time and date down to the middle of the locked screen? iPHONE 6

    I was trying to move the time and date down a little on the locked screen and can you tell me can I do that and where I would be able to do it. Thanks

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    When I picked up my iPad Pro last November, I went with Logitech's Create Smart Connector keyboard, but with the release of iOS 9.2, a strange thing occurred: the Create stopped being able to communicate properly with the iPad Pro. This bug has now at last been fixed —*but at what cost to the users? Full story from the iMore Blog...

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    Hello everyone! Did anyone notice touch id being a bit slower when unlocking the phone. Most times I press the home button to unlock it and I have to wait 1 to 2 seconds. I am using an iPhone 6S Plus, which used to have a touch id with a really fast response.

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    I'm having an issue with this iphone 6. It keeps restarting and I've tried to restore and it will not stay on or powered enough for me to remove the photos. I've tried to put it in DFU mode and Recovery mode. I've also tried to replace the battery. Any help would be appreciated! Another question: Is there a way for me to power the logic board without the battery? Here is a video of my issue:

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    Hi I'm having issues with the screen. When I press on the home button on bottom of the screen water marks appear. Like when you press to hard on laptop screen. But only when pressing the button. Thank you for your time.

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    i recover an iphone 4s from a late cousin and i cant use it because of the apple ID and password......pls i need help from you ⟐ Answer accepted January 31, 2016 at 9:02 am -0700