Issue#133: Lenovo - WIN7 recovery process do n oit complete and loops forever

  • Background:

    have a serious problem running a speech recognition program on my new P700. A debug session with the software manufacturer demonstrated that a new fresh install would be needed.

    Unfortunately my original installation back was corrupted due to strange reasons.

    I was able to migrate my System to Win 10, but the problem with the Speech recognition program subsist.

    I ordered the Lenovo Recovery disks for my P700 Workstation. I purchased a second SDD Hard disk to be able to keep my migrated system to Win 10 and continue to work.

    Following steps were done:

    1. Updated the BIOS with A5KT85A file setup. No problems, worked as expected.
    2. Remove the SSD with the WIN 10 and install a new SSD in slot #1 in the Flex Module
    3. Installation according instructions from the CD's. Went will and installation close normally.
    4. Restart of system and then following happens:

     5. After restart the recovery process will go to the fist step, a black screen will quickly pop up and disappear and some files will load. Then a batch file starts, go through some steps and I could read the following: " no disk assigned, no disks detected" and the batch file exist

    6 Next :

    The system shut down, restarts and go back to step 5 above and will loop forever.


    As I need badly to get to the original configuration as shipped 3 month ago with windows 7 installed, what can I do else. The recovery process hangs and I found no hints on the internet sofar. ?

    As anyone seen this problem during the recovery process ?

    Any ideas are welcome.

    many thanks .... Francois

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    Hi, Purchased a Lenovo Y50-70 on Black Friday and still waiting for their business partner in the UK, Digital River to sort out the issue since 19 December 2015. When booting up the laptop or when initially brought out of hibernation, the display flashes an image and then goes black (with backlight). This has rendered the laptop unusable unless using HDMI to connect to an external monitor but this does not allow me to view BIOS settings or anything outside of the Lenovo boot up screen briefly or Windows before it flickers to black. Having googled and looked on various forums, I've tried the following to no avail: Upgrading to Windows 10 (it had 8.1 pre loaded)Upgrading the integrated Intel HD and NVIDIA video graphics driversFlashing the BIOS to 3.03Full resetI was wondering if anyone from the community or Lenovo were aware of any other fixes available? My frustration is that they don't appear to stock the model I have any longer and those of comparable spec is subs

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