Issue#1368: Photoshop - Fuse 3D Figure > Photoshop Import > Select Preset Animation > Export Animated GIF??

  • 1. I've produced a 3D custom figure in Fuse CC

    2. Exported it to library and then loaded in Photoshop

    3. Selected preset animation from photoshop

    4. Checked anim using timeline: plays through okay.

    5. Want to export to ANIMATED GIF, but using File-> Export -> Save for Web generates only single static gif image, as does File -> Save As


    What am I doing wrong? Do I need to somehow insert keyframes in the animation in Photoshop (remember it's a preset anim from a Fuse import)?


    Also, I have put a transparent background on the animation, and there seems to be a lot of artefacts (descending shady verticals) that are not in the image in PS.


    Thankyou kindly.

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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