Issue#1384: Photoshop: Photoshop CC 2015 - updates continually failing

  • I am a photographer not a computer programmer.  Why cannot I get the latest Photoshop update to load properly?  I have this on 2 completely separate computers running different versions of windows and both are the same.. the 2015 latest update downloads 50% then stops with an "update failed - try again" message. I do not expect to have to go through a lot of (to me) complicated coding entries etc to get it to work .  Lightroom updates without problems and previously so did Photoshop.


    Any thoughts?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#1370: Photoshop - photoshop cc 2015 hdr toning preview checkbox issue

    After updating Photoshop cc 2015, HDR Toning Preview checkbox is not working !

  • Issue#225244: Why am I not getting my updates in Photoshop 2015?

    I've uninstalled everything as instructed, I've reinstalled everything as instructed and now find myself back in Photoshop 2015.0 instead of the updated 2015.1 or higher! I'm very frustrated. I had at least a newer version than I have now (2015.0.1). What shall I do next? I always want my software updates and I think Adobe should help me, but so far I'm not getting any help with this. Don't send more instructions on how to uninstall and install. I've done all that. Can I just download updates as we used to do in the old days? 

  • Issue#307594: Cannot download photoshop cc 2015 updates; get code u44m1p7?

    I have modified AAMUpdater file as suggested. When trying to manually download the updates, I was unsuccessful

  • Issue#329463: After Effects - Wacom Intuos Pro on Surface Pro 4 pressure sensitivity issue on Photoshop CC 2015

    I am using a Wacom Intuos Pro on my Surface Pro 4 but there is a pressure sensitivity issue which is very random and it seems to be happening only in Photoshop. The pressure sensitivity is on and off randomly with the Wacom Pen. I've installed the latest driver of Wacom Intuos pro. And whenever the pressure sensitivity on intuos pro stops working, I simply make a few strokes on the canvas using the Ntrig Pen that came with with my SP4 (with a working pressure sensitivity) and then when I draw using the wacom pen again, the pressure sensitivity starts to work again. It might be a Photoshop bug worth looking into. Both devices (pens) seems to be working perfectly together with other apps like fresh paint and zbrush, even in illustrator. But not Photoshop. Thanks!

  • Issue#769898: After Effects - Animation issue in Photoshop CC 2015

    Hi all, Hoping a pro can help me with this issue.  Currently enrolled in an accelerated animation certification course online and need help figuring out how I can get Photoshop to animate my scanned characters and backgrounds. Of course the background is scanned and set in first; this is a hand painted watercolor scene.  I then added my animated character cells via scan and using Place Linked.  But when I Create Video Timeline, the scanned character's opacity, if set at 100% doesn't allow background to project through, but only shows the character on a white background.  If I change the opacity on each character animation cell (layer) to around 35%-59%, the background projects through, but the characters and background look washed out. Asked my professor about this, but she said that the hand drawn characters would need to be retraced in Photoshop as line art.  Is this true?  If so, how do I do this? I don't want to have to re-draw / re

  • Issue#829943: After Effects - Photoshop 2015.5 Major Font Issue

    Just updated. When I try to use a font on my PC, that is also in TypeKit, it doesn't work. In other words, when I type the letters or change the font to say "Source Sans Pro" the letters are not visible, no matter what color I make them. If I use a non-Typekit font like Verdana, all works as normal. Very frustrating. I do not have font sync on. Why can't I use the fonts installed on my PC?

  • Issue#894524: After Effects - Photoshop CC 2015.5 // Interface issue after update

    Hi,I made yesterday the update to PS CC 2015.5. When i launch it, the interface has some weird organization (see screenshots).It looks like it has been automatically zoomed in a few times, and i do not know where to go to correct that.  Could you help me fix it ? Thanks

  • Issue#933701: Color Lookup issue in Photoshop CC 2015.5.0

    Hello,I've noticed some issues in Photoshop, more specific, with Color Lookup Adjustment layer. It seems to load profiles only from 3D LUT... profiles from Abstract and Device Link section are not visible. Recently I've upgraded my OS to Windows 10 and I have latest version of Photoshop CC 2015.5.0... I uninstalled Photoshop and installed it again, but this didn't help me with the problem. Under C drive I manage to find folder only with 3DLUTs...I'm not exactly sure where to look up for remaining profiles. I tried to search them by their name, but Finder can't find any files. Is there any way to restore them? Best-Valentina 

  • Issue#1051760: After Effects - Photoshop CC 2015.5/Windows 10 Scaling Issue

    I recently installed Photoshop CC 2015.5 on my Windows 10 laptop. Upon creating a new canvas, I discovered that the canvas I made (5x8.25 inch) appeared way smaller than it should (more like 1x2 inches at 100%!). I can only see the canvas as the size I need it to be when I zoom in 200%. Everything else in the program is the right size; the menus, buttons, windows and everything. The DPI is 72. My screen resolution is 3840x2160.  Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Issue#1388: Photoshop: Photoshop CC 2015 crashing by updating. I have a iMac.

    Photoshop CC 2015 crashen by updating. I have a iMac. What happening. I pay 29 €/m for it. Help.

  • Issue#7048: Photoshop - Memory issue when I tried to render background with lighting effect. I have 4GB of RAM o

    Memory issue when I tried to render background with lighting effect.I'm running win7 and photoshop CC 2015 on i5 processor with 4GB of RAM.

  • Issue#12940: Wie kann ich meine Photoshop Version ein Update verpassen. Ich habe Aktuell 2015.0.1 ?

    Ich habe die Crativ Cloud und möchte mein Photoshop aktuellisieren, aber leiden klappt es nicht

  • Issue#13139: Geforce - Artefact with photoshop 2015.1.2 and GTX970 webdriver 346.03.05f01 under osX 10.11.3

    As a photographer i work everyday with photoshop and i have weird behaviour since last update of both photoshop and web driver. When i'm working on a layer or a mask with the healing brush , brush, densify i have artefact ( big square of pixels ) showind at the place i did use the tool. I already contact photoshop assistance which told me to contact Nvidia as it suppose to be a driver bug. I don't know if i'm at the right place and if not i'll appreciate a solution for this problem or a link to contact the right people at Nvidia thanks

  • Issue#17797: Brush tool in Photoshop 2015.1.2 - No luminance (black and white both appear grey)

    I have no idea if this is something I’ve done, though I did reset Photoshop to be sure, but when I paint with the brush tool, I don’t get the full range of colour values, particularly with respect to luminance/lightness. By way of example, create a new document with a 100% white background.Select the brush tool and paint with 100% black.  Everything you paint with the brush tool is mid grey. That’s also true if I reverse the colours, and paint white on black, it appears grey. Is this a bug or have I somehow enabled something I’m not aware of that’s affecting the brush tool?

  • Issue#19227: photoshop cc 2015 will not open

    I went to CC app to update PS CC 2015 on my mac. At about 40% it failed. Now PS will not open. What should I do? If the answer is to uninstall and reinstall how can I make sure my presets and preferences are saved?

  • Issue#19528: Adobe Photoshop cc 2015 latest update error

    Hello I downloaded Adobe Photoshop cc 2015 from the creative cloud today, but it keep on showing me "Close the Program" once i start the file Is there any fix ? Am using windows 7 with GTX 750 ti and a powerful pc. I had before Photoshop cc 2014 working great. Thanks

  • Issue#27179: Cannot download lightroom and photoshop CC updates.

    Anyone else having issues initiating the updates for lightroom and photoshop 2015.4?

  • Issue#27609: After Effects - Photoshop CC 2015 V 1.2 breaks mouse on El Capitan 10.11.2 (15C50)

    Running El Capitan 10.11.2 (15C50) and just had an issue where having Photoshop CC 2015 V 1.2 Release turns my mouse into an arrow pointer permanently. This happened for the very first time today.

  • Issue#31241: I was wondering on how I can update to Adobe Photoshop 2015 cc

    Need help on how i can upgrade my adobe photoshop to the 2015 cc

  • Issue#38492: After Effects - Hello there! After the update of 2015 cc adobe photoshop I can not open my Nikon D75

    Hello there! After the update of 2015 cc adobe photoshop I can not open my Nikon D750 NEF files in photoshop , which i did use without any problems..

  • Issue#39904: After Effects - Photoshop CC 2015 Sucks on my Windows! Nothing works!

    So I decided to work on 2014!Thought so. and It sucks Much more!!!What is Wrong with the UI? I am Using on my Windows 8.1 All kind of Software including All CC products and Cad applications and so ever. 2014 CC Photoshop has a Resolution i have never experienced! What are you doing with this Software?Leave it as it is. Do not Brake a system which is Working. How Come a Working Piece Software is Broken after i Upgrade it to a newer update and when i decide to use the last working one it just goes mad WHY?

  • Issue#45983: After Effects - Adobe photoshop cc 2015 drop down menu changed sides

    Hi, I am using photoshop cc 2015 on a windows machine, i am not sure whether this is to do with a recent update or my photoshop has messed up the drop down menus now display towards the left hand side as pictured, before it used to be right, which i found extremely helpful, another thing that is bugging me is that fact that on my macbook pro the photoshop interface displays the name "Photoshop" and year next to it, yet my windows version does notalso on the windows version i am unable to favorite the font,how can i favorite a font? or use typekit as it asks me to ask an IT adminPlease help me with my queries 

  • Issue#48100: After Effects - Issue with CS6 Master Suite > Photoshop > 3D function

    Hey,  I have an ongoing issue with with CS6 Master Suite > Photoshop > 3D function and the 3D window in preferences are, neither works. Customer Care cannot help me due to policy restrictions, which is totally weird P.S. and they told me to hit up the forumsCan anybody help?

  • Issue#48609: After Effects - Photoshop CC 2015 causes lag/freeze by using a Nvidia Quadro K620M (Windows 10)

    My Hardware:Lenovo W550s Laptop with 2 GPUs: Intel HD 5500 and Nvidia Quadro K620M. Operation system is Windows 10 64Bit. Photoshop version:Adobe Photoshop Version: 2015.1.2 20160113.r.355 2016/01/13:23:59:59 CL 1059143  x64 The problem:If the Nvidia Quadro is set as the Graphic Processor for Photoshop every ~10 seconds the system lags/freezes for less a second. Means if I move a windows around it stops moving for less a second. This happens only when Photoshop is running (even in the background). If Photoshop doesn't run but other applications using the Nvidia Quadro (e.g. Illustrator) are running I have no lags at all. What I did to resolve that issue so far:I tried different Nvidia driver (WHQL) versions (354.56 & 361.75). Also the drivers from Lenovo for that specific laptop (354.45). Adobe doesn't offer "Partner Certified Drivers" for that Quadro. I had to use the "ODE" (default) drivers.I tried out the 3 different "drawing modes" (Advances, Normal & Ba

  • Issue#49231: Adobe - How do I update/upgrade Photoshop CC from 14.x to CC 2015 on machines that are not Internet

    As title states, I have a handful of machines running Photoshop 14.1.2, that have no Internet connectivity, and I need to update them to CC 2015.  Do I have to completely uninstall 14 and load 15?  Or is there a patch I can download that will bring me up to CC 2015?

  • Issue#49351: How do I update/upgrade Photoshop CC from 14.x to CC 2015 on machines that are not Internet facing?

    As title states, I have a handful of machines running Photoshop 14.1.2, that have no Internet connectivity, and I need to update them to CC 2015.  Do I have to completely uninstall 14 and load 15?  Or is there a patch I can download that will bring me up to CC 2015?

  • Issue#50995: After Effects - PLEASE HELP!! Photoshop CC (2015) update killed my application

    i just updated the Photoshop CC2015 app from the little CC window after a notification popped up that an update was available[HUGE mistake] and now the App wont open. Im running Mac OSX 10.11. Lightroom seems to be fine. I've uninstalled the app and re installed still with no luck. Any assistance would be appreciated, I'm in the middle of a huge deadline.

  • Issue#63468: After Effects - I am a professor teaching advanced Photoshop. Installed CC 2015. Active Layer is gra

    I am a professor teaching advanced Photoshop. Installed CC 2015. Active Layer is gray. NOT a Quick Mask issue!! Changing Color Themes does not help. I NEED the Active Layer to (default) highlight in BLUE as I create many online tutorials for my seven Photoshop classes! It is NOT a Channel issue either! I am selected on the RGB Channel. No Alpha Channel created. Pulling out what hair I have left! Help??

  • Issue#65428: After Effects - RE: PhotoShop CC 2015 Oil Paint filter

    How large of an image can the new Oil Paint filter be applied to while still rendering adequate effects? The old CS6 filter only affected relatively small image sizes. I need an Oil Paint filter that will work when applied to relatively large (around 1 gb) images.