Issue#1408: Photoshop: Can I use cs2 on windows 10?

  • just got new computer with windows 10 and want to get cs2

    will it work ?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#9037: Photoshop cs2 and windows 7

    Are there any known issue with Photoshop cs2 and windows 7 security updates up to January 2016?

  • Issue#153868: Adobe - Photoshop CS2 for Windows, I need to do a download to activate this old program. Where and w

    Photoshop CS2 need to activate by a download.  I can find what is needed.

  • Issue#1051760: After Effects - Photoshop CC 2015.5/Windows 10 Scaling Issue

    I recently installed Photoshop CC 2015.5 on my Windows 10 laptop. Upon creating a new canvas, I discovered that the canvas I made (5x8.25 inch) appeared way smaller than it should (more like 1x2 inches at 100%!). I can only see the canvas as the size I need it to be when I zoom in 200%. Everything else in the program is the right size; the menus, buttons, windows and everything. The DPI is 72. My screen resolution is 3840x2160.  Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Issue#1370: Photoshop - photoshop cc 2015 hdr toning preview checkbox issue

    After updating Photoshop cc 2015, HDR Toning Preview checkbox is not working !

  • Issue#1390: Photoshop: magic bullet looks not showing in photoshop windows 10

    hi, im on windows 10 i was on windows 8.1 and ive tried to install magic bullet looks plugin but it does not show under filters im on windows 10 64 bit. i have removed photoshop cs6 and reinstalled and then removed and reinstalled the magic bullet looks. anybody know how to fix this as i need it for editing my images

  • Issue#1400: Photoshop: Photoshop only loads without dvamarshal.dll in Windows 10

    I was hoping that the Photoshop update today fixes this issue but unfortunately not. My Photoshop CC 2015 still will not load without me deleting/renaming dvamarshal.dll to dvamarshall-old.dll. This became my temporary solution as recommended by an Adobe Rep via online chat/remote assistance after over an hour of troubleshooting; he was very helpful!! We tried everything: upgrading NVIDIA graphics cards driver, uninstalling/installing PS, disabling firewall/antivirus, etc. The main symptom with the dvamarshall.dll in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 is that it load the splash screen, hangs for about 5-10 seconds, and then the Windows message prompts to quit program. I'm aware that similar issues were posted in this forum.  Also even with the dvamarshall.dll renamed, my Photoshop is still not running at 100%, since the Quick Export & Export As are not working, too. But at least I can still open my Photoshop and use the Legacy Export to Web feature. I'm r

  • Issue#1402: Photoshop: Photoshop CC, and Windows 10, and continual BSOD

    Hi everyone,      Lately I've been struggling to open Photoshop, but every time on "loading preferences..." in the launcher it crashes and cuts to the bluescreen with KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE.      Specs:          Dell Inspiron 7000 Series Model 7559               Intel Core i7-6700HQ Processor               SK  hynix SC300 M.2 2280 128GB SSD               ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB 1TB HDD               Intel(R) HD Graphics 530               NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M      I've read up on the different methods of tempora

  • Issue#1404: Photoshop: Photoshop CC crashes when I go to print on my windows computer

    On both my desktop and laptop, when I go to print in Photoshop CC, I get the message that an error has happened and it shuts down photoshop. This happened to me before, and thankfully it was on a weekday. Someone had to take over my computer and do a bunch of stuff to make it work. There has to be an easier way. Help!

  • Issue#4341: I updated my macbook 10.6.8 into lion 10.7.5 I had photoshop CS2, but not working any longer. Now, w

    I updated my macbook 10.6.8 into lion 10.7.5 I had photoshop CS2, but not working any longer. Now, what can I do ?Update CS2 ? Buy an other version, and which one ? Tks for help rgds

  • Issue#6639: How to make CS2 work on Windows 7?

    I tried installing the now free CS2 apps, however it didn't work all the way through. I can install them, but when I try to open them, they crash. I understand that these apps were made before windows 7, and aren't meant to run on it - but are there any patches I can use, or is there a certain method of installation to follow?

  • Issue#7048: Photoshop - Memory issue when I tried to render background with lighting effect. I have 4GB of RAM o

    Memory issue when I tried to render background with lighting effect.I'm running win7 and photoshop CC 2015 on i5 processor with 4GB of RAM.

  • Issue#12827: Photoshop - Windows displaying incorrectly and layering in an illogical way

    Hello, I am having a massive problem on CS2 with windows appearing incorrectly on windows 10. This didn't used to be a problem.  For example, if I click on a web browser while photoshop is open, elements of the software stay on screen. The same applies when I open "Save for web" or other stuff. Because of this, when I get up confirmation pop ups, for example, after transforming, they appear BEHIND the canvas, and it locks up the whole application because I can't access them!!! This is REALLY annoying and buggy, please help, why are all the windows in this application suddenly layering in an illogical way? It's just about un-usable. Another annoying thing that happens is if you click on a canvas, the tool bars vanish! It's also really annoying, I don't want the tool bars to ever vanish, but I can't find an option that fixes this... I have to spam "tab" about 3 times all the time to get them back.

  • Issue#13973: Photoshop - CS2: slow processing...will CS6 resolve it?

    I have a client who is using CS2, and is complaining that the following operations are painfully slow:two separate operations1) converting eps files to jpg using batching script2) converting canvas size to 500 x 500 pixels using automate script function Image Count: 3749 eps imagesIt processes about 1,300 before freezing Platform: New Dell Precision M3800  Core i7 with 16GB RAMThe client is asserting that CS6 would likely speed this up..Should Photoshop CS2 be able to handle these tasks? many thanks,Rich

  • Issue#14332: Photoshop - Need to reload CS3 but cannot find CS2 registration anymore

    Where do I find Photo Shop CS2 registration file

  • Issue#15240: HP - Envy 4507 Windows 7 Printer Driver Issue

    *Not sure whether I have using Win 7 23 bit or 64 bit sorry. I have two toshiba satellite pro laptops which I am trying to connect to my  Envy. (In fact I have two of these printers in two different locations but I am assuming once I have one set up the other will follow) The printer works fine with my mac. The install goes well until the end with copy and scan functions complete but not the print function. I have tried installing direct from the printer, with the Installation CD and by downloading drivers. Urgent help required! Im two weeks down the line.....  any ideas?

  • Issue#16362: My photos look good in photoshop and facebook but windows viewer and instagram dark ?

    Can anyone help me set up my color profile. I have had this issue with photoshop for over 10 years. I can send links or anything that helps. I am using Prophoto Rgb gamma 1.0. But I think it might be when I hit proof set up its in cmyk and when I internet standard it gets dark. Is there a way to keep the proof at internet standard? And is this the problem? I would love any help!!!

  • Issue#17528: Notebook - XPS1710 Windows 10 Issue- Audio

    XPS1710 Windows 10 Issue- Audio Aloha, so I decided to give it a try since I still have my spare XPS1710 Gaming Notebook in excellent condition and update it to Windows 10. Installation went smoothly from Windows 7 with no hitch. Everything seems to be in working order and also brought back it's responsiveness but the only issue that I've been trying to solve is the Audio Driver which as many who are familiar with this model, has a Subwoofer. I can't seem to get any of the drivers to work... XPS1710 Windows 10 Issue- Audio

  • Issue#18788: Apparence de photoshop CS5 sous Windows 10

    Bonjour,Je viens de changer de PC : un dell xps 8900 sous windows 10 avec écran 24 " 16/9.Lorsque je lance Photoshop CS5, les menus, les outils... tout s'affiche en tout petit.J'ai modifié les paramètres de l'interface en choisissant une GRANDE police, mais ça ne change rien.Connaissez vous le problème ?Merci à l'avance de votre aide

  • Issue#20882: Geforce - Major Windows+Nvidia issue, caused after updating both Nvidia and Windows

    Anyone and I mean anyone who has some insight, would be greatly appreciated. I'm okay with getting a flash drive and reinstalling Windows, I have that type of time right now. But my issue is I can't even access safe mode, let alone settings for the recovery tab! It freezes, and the start menu won't open after that, neither will my search button. The majority of my programs lock up, except Chrome.

  • Issue#21038: Lenovo - Persistent System Freeze Issue on Newly Upgraded SSD on Windows 10 Y510P

    I purchased the MYDIGITALSSD M.2 256GB SSD to replace the 24GB M.2 that originally came with my Y510P. I completed the upgrade and re-installed Windows 10 (on the ssd) and use the 1TB drive purely as storage, and re-downloaded all of the necessary drivers for the laptop. Ever since then, i experience 3-4 system freezes daily. I am not able to get to task manager, just get a complete system hang and i have no choice but to restart the pc. It typically starts with one application, then after a few seconds, everything will freeze and become unusable. Does anyone have any advice on this? i read about someone having a similar issue a really long time ago but i cant remember where and can't find any info on this specific problem. It's driving me crazy though and i'd appreciate any advice or troubleshooting tips offered. thanks everyone. -Daniel

  • Issue#21988: Windows 10 / Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 -

    I purchased Adobe Photoshop for my husband a few years ago.  He really doesn't use it and I would like to install it on my HP computer.  I have Windows 10 on my HP laptop.  Can I install it on my HP laptop?   Thanks!

  • Issue#22020: Photoshop Elements - What edition of Photoshop (Elements?) can I buy for Windows Vista?

    Hi everyone. Sorry for the dry nature of this post, but I've just spent about an hour or two on the Adobe website with few answers found. I'll cut to the chase: I was using Photoshop Elements 12 on my Vista computer, and want to purchase it (or try another version of Photoshop that still runs on Vista). I refuse to buy another computer just to run a program with which I was perfectly content on my own computer. The only option I currently see on the website is Creative Cloud: I am willing to consider signing up for it if I can use Photoshop on my Windows Vista computer. I will not entertain any discussion as to upgrading my operating system: Photoshop Elements 12 suited me perfectly fine for my needs. If Creative Cloud's edition of Photoshop cannot work with Vista, where can I purchase/download/access/use a completely legitimate and legal Vista-capable edition, and how much will it cost me? Thanks!

  • Issue#22846: Adobe - Need a for a old copy of photoshop CS2

    Need a for a old copy of photoshop CS2

  • Issue#24466: Buy Photoshop Elements 14 Mac and Windows

    Hi @all using a Mac and a Windows Computer at home - I wan´t to use it on both computers - must I buy a Mac Version and a Windows Version? Or can I use it on both with one licence? THX for answer with regards from germany Marcus

  • Issue#24881: foam-extend-3.2: issue compiling new libraries on Windows

    Hi, I installed foam-extend-3.2 on Windows, following the instructions from the homepage. Everything seems to run smoothly, so far so good. I was now trying to add a new library and for that purpose I started with copying and renaming an existing one. When I tried to compile (the basically unchanged) code, the new library would only bild with the following "undefined reference" error: myTurbulenceModel.o:myTurbulenceModel.C:(.rdata$.r efptr._ZN4Foam5debug18debugSwitchValues_B5cxx11E[.refptr._ZN4Foam5debug18debugSwitchValues_B5cxx11E]+0x0): undefined reference to `Foam::debug::debugSwitchValues_[abi:cxx11]' myLaminar.o:myLaminar.C:(.rdata$.refptr._ZN4Foam5d ebug25optimisationSwitchValues_B5cxx11E[.refptr._ZN4Foam5debug25optimisationSwitchValues_B 5cxx11E]+0x0): undefined reference to `Foam::debug::optimisationSwitchValues_[abi:cxx11]' collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** [/c/Users/alice/Git/alice-3.2/lib/mingwGccDPOpt/libmyIncompressibleTurbulenceModel.d

  • Issue#26531: After Effects - Is there's a hope for Windows Mobile/Phone to have LR and Photoshop?

    I know I could simply use iPhone or android phone but I just want to know if there's a hope for windows mobile to get same adobe offering. I am aware of market share of windows phone, was less than 3%.Could anyone predict or confirm what percent  of windows phone market share should have for adobe to fully support this OS? As of now there is only Adobe Photoshop Express for windows which has very limited use. Thanks,.:)

  • Issue#27359: HP - Issue Thin client t620 installation windows

    HelloIs there a way flash image or anything else I have tried not the most successful Are there ways You can give details

  • Issue#27776: HP - Windows 10 Battery Issue?

    Got this Hp Notebook in December, wiped the drive and installed a fresh Windows 10 64 bit OS. Noticed the battery will jump from 100% to 93% everytime after a full charge and after using it for like 10 minutes. Thought it could be the battery deteriorating so I swapped out my battery with the exact same one from my sister's (with full charge) and it does the exact same thing. I've calibrated my battery before and updated everything. Is this a Windows 10 issue? 

  • Issue#28929: I chose the MAC version of Photoshop Elements 14, at checkout it reverts to Windows

    I try to order the MAC version of Photoshop Elements. I change the version in the oder form from Windows to Mac and  press the checkout button. When I arrive at the checkout screen the version has reverted to Windows. Every attempt to correct that fails. The only version I seem to be able to order is the Windows version for which I have no use. What now?