Issue#143: Sony - Faulty A6000 and lens software update query

  • My 7 month old A6000 using the original SELP1650 and later purchased SEL55210 has developed a problem. Using the auto modes everything works correctly, but useing A,S or P modes has suddenly produced heavy vignetting and erratic, often under exposure. It would appear to be faulty.


    I decided to see how updated my lens software was in case an update might cure the problem. The lens status is:-


    SELP1650 Body V2.00 Lens V.01

    SEL55210 Body V2.00 Lens V.02


    Refering to "ILCE-6000 Support - APS-C Lens system software update Ver.02"


    This tells us : - "if the system software version of your lens is Ver.02 or later, the update is not required"

    Therefore my original kit lens does require the update. It then asks me to select my lens for downloading, which in fact is NOT offered as an option. (The nearest option is the SEL1855) Why is this so?


    An additional issue is that specification of the camera includes a feature named "Fast Hybrid AF" Despite this statement, the information then goes on to contradict this (in my case) by stating:- "without this lens update, the camera will use the normal contrast-detection AF even if Fast Hybrid is selected.


    I can only conclude that these instructions were clearly written for the earlier NEX cameras and have not been updated for the A6000.


    Can anyone advise and enlighten me further before it goes back to the store next week

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    Initially, I was impressed by the relationship Sony formed with Phase one to provide a free version of capture one software for RAW image editing on my Macintosh. The suite seemed impressive enough to to purchase an upgrade from phase one to unlock some powerful features such as layers, cloning, and touch-up. Within 90 days of purchasing a pro upgrade from Phase one the pro version purchased from them has managed to lose all file paths to the projects that were originally produced. After recreating the projects the software crashes and pop ups are invoked to send messages about the errors to phase one with the users email address. At this point I'm about a week out from sending the errors to phase one and no response has come about a resolution to the issue from phase one. The version of the capture one / phase one software I have is 8.3.3 and interestingly phase one has created a new version within 60-90 days of purchasing the full version and is charging yet another upgrade

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