Issue#1698: Samsung Galaxy Mega 2: Camera Error and USB connection

  • Keep getting "camera failed" error message. Think I've tried everything..factory reset, clearing cache, undtalling flashlights,etc.. Also cant connect to pc via USB cable. Cannot select the "tethering and usb" function..stays blacked out. I need help.

    ⟐ Commented januari 24, 2016 at 4:53 -0700

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  • Issue#305563: Android - Samsung Galaxy J5 no usb connection

    First off all, english it is not my native language so bear with me . If i did not set the thread in the wright way, i kindly ask a admin to correct me. I have a samsung galaxy j5 (sm-j500fn) with android 5.1.1, rooted and i do not have usb connection with a pc. I have tried: reset to factory... Samsung Galaxy J5 no usb connection

  • Issue#551277: Samsung Galaxy Note5: wifi connection issue after latest system update (android version 6.0.

    my device has recenlty updated, however, soon after the updation completed it is not connecting to wifi. the software is updated to latest android version 6.0.1. moreover, before the latest software things were fine and my mobile wifi was working perfectly.

  • Issue#617368: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Camera failed error after replacement?

    I just replaced the camera on an S6 Edge (SM-G925A) with a new unit and it's showing a "Camera failed" error whenever I open the Camera app. I used the test mode (*#0*#) and confirmed that Mega Cam wasn't working. I put the original camera unit back in the phone and still get the same error. The connector on the cameras and the connector on the board both look pretty clean. I've tried clearing the caches from the boot menu as well but to no avail. Short of resetting it, what else should I try? Thanks! ⟐ Edited by author May 13, 2016 at 9:08 pm -0700

  • Issue#825318: Samsung Galaxy A5 2016: Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 usb connection won't show up

    Hello there I just bought my new, Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 Everything is fine but the USB connection is not showing up in the notification menu I installed the driver, Samsung KIES and i updated all the USB drivers, but it still just charging when i connect it to the laptop, i tried another USB cable and it's the same charging and no MTP, i tried another phone and everything is fine there is data transfer but my phone NO! Any help PLEASE ?

  • Issue#968292: Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime: Connection error has occurred 2221:100003

  • Issue#1041030: Samsung Galaxy S III: unknown error by callback in camera error

    Camera errors callback Back camera problem Unknown error by call back

  • Issue#1170218: Samsung Galaxy Mega: Why does my phone say network or sim card error

    Hi, I recently just got new phone and I went to get it activated and when I went to call on my phone it would just ring . So I decided to go to my setting and go to network to see what the problem was but it wouldn't let me cause it said network or sim error but I had my sim card in it .... what should I do ???

  • Issue#1952: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: s6 edge 3g network issue (mobile data)

    sorry about my bad s6 edge (sm g925).slow browsing or does not work mobile data when using 3g mobile data .in 2g mobile data is ok.but issues with WCDMA. I flash two different firmwares but same problem .set APN manually. SAME PROBLEM.and i have same issues while making a call or sending a message...........its a hardware issue????? i need your help thanks in advance.............

  • Issue#5368: Samsung Galaxy S4: cord broke bottom left side of usb card

    i broke the bottom left side cord of the usb charger port card. how to replace and what is it called. my home , menu, back buttom wont work. ⟐ Answer accepted January 25, 2016 at 9:28 am -0700

  • Issue#5926: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: USB not working, module already changed!

    Hi everyone, I have a major problem with my Galaxy s6 edge. My phone has fallen and I had to replace the main frame as well as the amoled display. Now everything works fine but not the USB. I can charge my phone via NFC but not per USB. In case of usb to pc connection there is no reaction at all. I already changed the USB module platine without success. Both coaxial cables works. A surprising thing: I have an external usb-ir-camera which leads to an short "USB connector connected" and "USB connector removed" due to connecting or removing the camera but the camera itself does not work. I already did an factory reset and enabled the development function... Now I have no idea what to do next.... All tests in menu *#0*# passed successful but however there is no USB test function. Does anyone has an idea about fixing the problem? Thank you very much in advance! ⟐ Edited by author January 25, 2016 at 1:04 pm -0700

  • Issue#7809: Samsung Droid Charge: Samsung Galaxy K Zoom camera zoom stuck. How to fix it.

    Hi, I have K-Zoom S4 and its Optical zoom is stuck (not coming out and going in completely) in middle of zoom out process. Phone was dropped while camera was open. how to fix it or how to open and manually close it properly. While opening camera I can here the zoom in and Zoom out sound.

  • Issue#8732: Acer - VN7-592G-74H8 USB CONNECTION ERROR FOR SETUP WIN10

    First, sorry for my english skill. I can't write well.  I bought this VN7-592G-74H8 Nitro V Black Edition and Windows 10 Home USB(It's official.) 2 weeks ago.First try to set up win 10, my laptop didn't read usb at UEFI mode, but it read usb at LEGACY mode.So, I went to service center for ask, engineer said 'It is not laptop problem. It is USB PROBLEM. So, you have to contact Microsoft service center.' He showed me that laptop read other win10 setup harddisk which had ready for testing laptop. After this, I contacted MS service center and changed USB to new one. I received it today, and tried to set up win10 at UEFI mode, but laptop didn't read USB AGAIN. Only read usb at LEGACY mode again.What I have to do for setting up win10 at UEFI mode? Is USB defective product again? OR does my laptop has problem maybe?

  • Issue#9085: Android - Interesting rumor article on Samsung Galaxy S7 camera changes

    Supposedly Samsung is planning on going with a smaller MP but significantly tech-evolved camera for the Galaxy S7. Here's the lengthy writeup on the rumor: Samsung's Galaxy S7 could ship with a lower-resolution camera — but that might be a good thing

  • Issue#10672: Samsung Galaxy S M110S: Google Play Store can't establish a reliable data connection to server

    I have a samsung galaxy s but not the original one. it is samsung anycall galaxy s (Model # SHW-110S) the korean copy of samung galaxy s. i had problems with its messaging limit only 80 bytes per message and that was awful. so i got a new firmware installed in it by a local electronics shop. Now the details are as follows: -Firmware version: 2.3.6 -Baseband version: M110S.WA03.0942.ST -Kernel Version: -Build number: GFAN_M110S_GINGERBREAD.WC13_FTE9K_ODEX_SP4 [*hope this helps*] And from that day, i am unable to access/sign-in/sign-up or even use the google play store. whenever i try to sign into google play store or youtube, an error message appears saying that google cannot establish a reliable data connection to its server. i need your help immidiately and i will be very thanfull to you. please suggest me a new and suitable firmware to install and please suggest me a link to download that particular firmware. THANKS IN ADVANCE. ⟐ Commented January 26, 2016 at 3:07

  • Issue#13212: Giffgaff - Galaxy s6 front camera black line issue

    Hi guys my s6 has started showing a black line on all photos taken with the front camera, seems to be somthing on the lesns or an issue with the lens itself.  The phone was purchased from giffgaff about 10 weeks ago, whats my next steps? Thanks in advance. ï»¿ï»¿

  • Issue#16789: Samsung Galaxy Mega: Why isn't my Samsung Galaxy Mega's touch screen working?

    My floors are concrete. My phone (Samsung galaxy mega)slipped off of my counter and landed face first, completely shattering the top right side of the screen. It turns on and off and the screen is normal looking, but the touch doesn't work anymore. I can't unlock it or anything. Can I get it fixed or is it just cheaper and easier to replace it? ⟐ Commented January 27, 2016 at 7:02 pm -0700

  • Issue#32390: Samsung Galaxy S5: Difficult situation data transfer with broken USB port..

    okay here we go, I have a galaxy s5 from t-mobile then I rooted and put a custom ROM on. I went to flash another rom and it soft brick me. now here's my dilemma, my USB port is also broken so I've been hard wiring it to keep the battery charged. now I'm trying to figure out how I can still connect it to a computer. now I'm thinking that in theory if I connect the two data transfer cables from the USB cable the 2data transfer wires as I did with the positive and negative for the battery that it should work? I mean again it's all in theory, so if anyone has any thoughts or comments or maybe some really good advice, that'd be badass.

  • Issue#55526: Giffgaff - Hi. How to configure internet connection in my samsung galaxy s6 edge plus?

    I try apple Frombork giffgaff but didnt help

  • Issue#63752: Samsung galaxy mega: I cannot turn on Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9205 after upgrade?

    my phone cannot turn on after software upgrade why ⟐ Commented February 4, 2016 at 10:58 am -0700

  • Issue#66396: Samsung Galaxy S 4G: My camera and apps won't open on my phone, why not?

    When I go to take a picture it will let me press the capture button but it won't show up on my files, and everytime I go to open instagram or another app the phone will either force close or shut off completely and when I try to restart it, it says that I have no battery even though it had a full battery before it shut off by itself. Someone Help!! ⟐ Answered February 4, 2016 at 8:29 pm -0700

  • Issue#70187: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: White frost on the front camera

    Recently, my phone suffered some water damage when a bottle leaked in my bag, and it failed to boot for 18 hours, but works successfully now (after putting the battery and phone in rice). However, now, my front-facing camera has a sort of "white frost", or a white covering on it. It means photos are now of a bad quality, and it's basically unusable. Any ideas on how to fix it? Would I have to remove the back cover, and manually remove the front-facing camera like on the S4? I'd rather not do that, but if needed. (This is also the International LTE GT-19195 version of the phone) ⟐ Edited by author February 5, 2016 at 12:25 pm -0700

  • Issue#72510: Android - Verizon unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + MMS issue

    Hello, I have a Verizon unlocked Samsung Galaxy s6 edge + and my carrier is Metro PCS. I have tried many APN settings but cant seem to send an MMS. Also cant receive an MMS unless its through a group text. I really like the Verizon Message+ preinstalled app if there is a way someone knows... Verizon unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + MMS issue

  • Issue#75615: Samsung Galaxy Mega: The aproximity sensor not work

    I buy the LCD and the touch screen on eBay all was ready to mount when I turn on the cellphone all was fine them the LCD turn off i press the power bottom and run normally at the pass of the second do the same again it was normal with the broke screen when I put the new one I got that problem What could I do to fix that problem?

  • Issue#76941: Samsung Galaxy S III: Can't establish a reliable connection to the server

    Hi I have a rooted phone and a custom ROM on it (omnirom) but when I try to sign in to my Google account I keep getting the same thing and I don't know what to do. Can someone help me plz. I have tried factory resetting my phone and that didn't work. I have tried putting a new ROM on it and that didn't work. What else can I do. ⟐ Commented February 6, 2016 at 7:31 pm -0700

  • Issue#85145: Android - Fixed MTP device error with Samsung Galaxy

    I finally fixed the dreaded MTP device error (code 10 error - device cannot start) with Samsung galaxy android version 2.1. I have been trying to connect to Kies since December and tried everything posted in all the forums to no avail. I called Samsung and they told me they can't help me, and I... Fixed MTP device error with Samsung Galaxy

  • Issue#96178: Samsung Galaxy S III: Galaxy s3 usb port not working?

    My galaxy s3 port is damaged i guess ,cause no charging even if i turn off the phone not detected by my laptop tried different charger and cables still not working.Does updating software will solve my problem? or i have to change the port? if i have to change port can any one guide me?? ⟐ Commented February 10, 2016 at 7:24 am -0700

  • Issue#96266: Autodesk - VBA Macro - OLE Database Connection Error (Office 2016 Update Issue)

    This is a followup post to the following issue that was previously resolved. I recently installed Office 2016 which caused my VBA macros to stop working.  I am receiving the same provider cannot be found error as before. Run-time error '3706':Provider cannot be found.  It may not be properly installed. 'Open connection With oCN .Provider = "Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0" .ConnectionString = sConnection .Open End WithAfter some research I changed the provider version from 12.0 to 15.0.  This didn't correct the error.  I then passively reinstalled the AccessDatabaseEngine.exe solution.  This also didn't correct the error. Any ideas on how to fix this? 

  • Issue#109854: Samsung Galaxy Camera: How to clean dust from the inside lens

    Hello, I want to clean the dust inside the lens. I can open the first part of the objective, but there is still a bit of dust on the internal lens . If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you

  • Issue#110410: Samsung Galaxy Mega: Zero bars, everything else works

    Hi, i just changed screen on my phone and now i can't get any signal on the phone. I tryed to return the phone to factory settings and checked if antenna cable works but still no signal. Everything else litarally works on the phone. Any idea what it could be.