Issue#1714: Unity - Problem with 2 3d objects

  • Hello !
    First sorry if it is the worng thread.
    Okay here is my problem i am making a subway surfer type of game and everything is okay and i have ramp spawner script that spawns ramps 1 after other but the problem is when 2 ramps are touching the graphics is bugging and it looks bad how to make always to 1 ramp to be above another so they won't be one inside another?
    I mean the graphics flickers when one of the ramps is a litle bit inside of the other ramp.
    Thank you!

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#85162: Unity - Objects not colliding [Problem]

    So I have: -Bullet dimensions = 1,1,1 -Box dimensions = 9,1,3 When the velocity of the bullet is low it collides. When I put a higher velocity to the projectile it pass trought the bigger plane of the box. When I make a bigger bullet it collides also. What can i do to get a proper collision?

  • Issue#160429: Unity - Problem with Spawning non player objects

    I am testing Unet and are now running into problem when spawning on the remote client. All works on the Server/Client side. I have three non-player objects: "Orange", Apple" and "Banana" that i spawn. As i am testing i use very basic code to do this. However, when spawning only two object spawns and the third get the following error: Failed to spawn server object, assetId=3bd88da3adcb74d04addd82122b34fee netId=6 UnityEngine.Networking.NetworkIdentity:UNetStaticUpdate()Click to expand... I... Problem with Spawning non player objects

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    Hello there, I am very new to networking in Unity. I have watched the live trainings about networking and read some pages on the documentation. I have a simple physics based game with 2 players and 1 ball object. Players have Local Player Authority and are spawned by the network manager. Ball object also has a Network Identity attached (without Local Player Authority). All three objects have NetworkTransform. The interaction between host player and the ball is flawless (as expected).... Issue About Synchronizing Physics Based Objects That Interact With Each Other

  • Issue#208880: Unity - Problem when using animations that have extra objects than the character model.

    Hi, I'm pretty new to unity and I've been trying to make this character I have use come animations that add a new object. So, I made the animations with the extra object (In one animation it is a teapot, the other one a cane) in 3ds max, on different .fbx files, the animations play correctly both in 3ds max and the unity animation previewer (showing the extra objects an all). But when applied to the model in game the animations dont add the extra object and some limbs dont behave as... Problem when using animations that have extra objects than the character model.

  • Issue#224224: Unity - Issue with Scriptable Objects

    Hi, I'm trying to use scriptable objects for my items in a diablo style game i'm making, but i have a problem accessing the information inside the objects to use in my game. In my item object i have a list of attributes. Code (CSharp):   [System.Serializable] public class Item : ScriptableObject {     public List<ItemAttribute> attributes = new List<ItemAttribute>(); which are themselves scriptable objects. Code (CSharp): [System.Serializable] public abstract class ItemAttribute :... Issue with Scriptable Objects

  • Issue#272590: Unity - Light transport problem with large objects

    Hello everyone! I have a problem with baking lightmaps for large objects in my scene. Changing the lightmap scale of the renderer doesn't help. When setting everything to "baked" and building my lightmaps, the process gets stuck at "7/11 Light Transport 1 job". I'm not even sure if anything happens from there on. It takes forever and my iMac starts to heat up. I attached a small test project with only one object. Maybe someone can help me out here? thanks in advance!

  • Issue#308789: Unity - JAVASCRIPT : Issue with Instantiating game objects from an array

    i am unable to instantiate my tagged "Asteroids" from an array Error in unity: InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type. Astroid Spawn Action.Start () (at Assets/Space Game/Scripts/Asteroid Scripts/Astroid Spawn Action.js:25) Warning in unity ( and mono): Assets/Space Game/Scripts/Asteroid Scripts/Astroid Spawn Action.js(25,33): BCW0028: WARNING: Implicit downcast from 'Object' to 'UnityEngine.Object'. So my main goal of this script is to spawn variations of... JAVASCRIPT : Issue with Instantiating game objects from an array

  • Issue#321646: Unity - Issue with placing objects by coordinates

    HI! So, if i place a sphere at (0,0,10) using sphere.transform.position(new Vector3(0,0,10)) and start the app facing north I see what I expect, a sphere floating in front of me. If I start the app facing east I also see the sphere floating in front of me, which is not what I expect - it should be to my left. I'm pretty new to this and am probably missing something simple, please help me figure out what it is. The camera is placed using unity and is controlled by Cardboard, the sphere(s)... Issue with placing objects by coordinates

  • Issue#402645: Unity - Problem with distance between two objects

    Hello, I have an enemy who follows a target and I'd like to stop the movement of the enemy when its distance from the target is less than a certain amount. The script works but the enemy doesn't always stop at the same distance from the target; when the target is below of the enemy, the distance is at maximum and as the target moves above the enemy, the distance shortens. See picture below pls, the enemy is the red one, the distance is calculated from feet to feet and the movement should... Problem with distance between two objects

  • Issue#629722: Unity - [SOLVED] Tackling the issue of spawning non-player objects from non-player objects.

    I plan to have players spawn non-player objects from other non-player objects into the scene. The issue is that non-player objects do not have Client Authority Owners or specific Connection To Client or Connect to Server. Code (CSharp):     private void AddingNewSplitGroup() {         foreach (GameObject obj in this.selectionManager.selectedObjects) {             NetworkIdentity identity = obj.GetComponent<NetworkIdentity>();             Debug.Log("Calling on CmdSplit()");... [SOLVED] Tackling the issue of spawning non-player objects from non-player objects.

  • Issue#667184: Unity - NetworkIdentity objects readyness problem

    So the flow goes like this, You choose to host a game and then you are taken to a screen where a random gameboard is generated. It automatically generates an initial board, but you can press a button to gen more if you are not satisfied with the original. Since the gameboard has a NetworkIdentity component, during the event handler to the 'host' button the gameboard has not spawned yet, so the initial board generation fails. I'm calling NetworkManager.StartHost() before I gen the map, but I... NetworkIdentity objects readyness problem

  • Issue#739416: Unity - Problem with blender objects

    I'm new to Blender and have 2 problems with imported Blender objects in Unity. First problem: Depending on the angle parts of the pipe are invisible. Second problem: When I am using a texture in Unity the Blender object is not adopting the texture.

  • Issue#1002431: Unity - Snapping objects together problem

    Hello, I've made a few chunks in Blender for a game world I'm making, in Blender they all fit perfectly together however when I try to join them in Unity using V there is gaps everywhere, I separate them, join them 1 by 1, zoom in and try to join them, nothing works, there's always gaps... Please help, thanks!

  • Issue#1072697: Unity - Mixed type light shadow issue on dynamic objects.

    I'm working on a scene with directional light baking option set to mixed, so it will bake for static objects and cast shadows of dynamic objects on top of the baked shadows. I thought Unity would soft blend the two different types of shadow, but actually I got things like this: View attachment 198564 Notice the nearest sphere is dynamic, all others are static. The first problem is that where dynamic shadow and static baked shadow overlap, the color blended is a weird dark blue, here... Mixed type light shadow issue on dynamic objects.

  • Issue#1128770: Unity - Destroying objects of a Hashtable (only destroy the new objects) Problem

    Hi guys, Im trying to destroy some objects from a Hastable, (basically destroy the objects to certain distance), the problem that i have is that I cant access to the older objects. I can only destroy the new ones. I want to the destroy and generate objects at a runtime. So I think the problem im having is storing those objects. ------------------------ Code (CSharp): //Resume of the code   private Hashtable objects = new Hastable();   void GenerateObject() { //Here I create diferent objects to... Destroying objects of a Hashtable (only destroy the new objects) Problem

  • Issue#1527: Unity - PC Standalone to Android mobile.[Ping Pong Game] swipe touch problem

    Hi guys. I have a problem i want to convert the game into android mobile game not on the PC. My problem is how can i convert Keyboard key to Swipe touch here's the code below: Code (JavaScript): #pragma strict   var moveUp : KeyCode; var moveDown : KeyCode;   var speed : float = 10;   function Update () {     if (Input.GetKey(moveUp))     {         rigidbody2D.velocity.y = speed;     }     else if (Input.GetKey(moveDown))     {         rigidbody2D.velocity.y = speed *-1;     }     else     {... PC Standalone to Android mobile.[Ping Pong Game] swipe touch problem

  • Issue#1715: Unity - 2D Level Menu Issue!

    Hello there devs! I am making a 2d game and i just created my level select menu but i seem to be facing a problem.When the player starts, level 1 is automatically unlocked and the player needs to finish it in order to get to level 2.So when level 1 is finished i set in playerprefs the ("UnlockedLevel") parameter to 2 and so on so that the next level unlocks.But, i just realized that if the player pressed on level 1 and then somehow he goes back to the levelmenu scene without finishing it,... 2D Level Menu Issue!

  • Issue#1793: Unity - Vertex/Fragment shader : issue with alpha blending

    Hi. I am having a hard time figuring out an issue I have with a simple alpha blending shader (I had the same kind of issue with alpha test). Here are a few pictures so you get the basic idea : View attachment 170683 View attachment 170684 By simply moving the camera back and force, my shader kind of switch between being displayed and not. These screens are from the Editor, but I have the same issue In Game. However, In Game, another issue comes up :... Vertex/Fragment shader : issue with alpha blending

  • Issue#1839: Unity - iTween issue

    Hi, I got error on the console about this line of code and don't understand how to solve it, anyone can help please ? iTween.ScaleTo(tailleDistance,iTween.Hash("x",15,"y",15,"z",15,"time",1.6,"easetype",iTween.EaseType.easeInOutCubic)); Regards,

  • Issue#2017: Unity - Weird flash when turning away from objects

    So, when my player moves in my 2D game it's all good, but when I turn my player around to move away from an object with a collider it makes a weird physics flash thing, it seems like my player collider gets stuck in the object's collider when I turn, is there any way to fix this?

  • Issue#2389: Unity 5.3 rotating problem on animated object in Android

    I have some animated characters in the scene. All characters have humanoid type animations and i we are using animator controller. In unity 5.2.3 everyting just fine but after upgrade to 5.3, In Android device, If i change their rotation during animation, they are start to fly into sky. If i try same thing in Editor everything is work fine. I spent lots of time to find a solution but i couldn't and i downgrade unity to 5.2.3 again.

  • Issue#2470: Unity - Random Editor issue.. | seems VS 2016 is causing editor to turn all warnings into err

    It happens in all my projects, and it only happens after I open VS (double click on script), make a script change, hit save..I can fix 'one' of the errors(warnings), unity re compiles...and Editor comes back to normal..for awhile..then back to that behavior,,, This is blocking my development chi....(I could fix every single warning)... here is the thing..under 'preferences', attach to editor...I can not Turn that Off...EVER.... I unchecked it, restart is active again...(that is... Random Editor issue.. | seems VS 2016 is causing editor to turn all warnings into errors..

  • Issue#2583: Unity - problem when changing weapon

    Good afternoon everyone! Would I like some assistance, since not yet found a solution. I have a simple script to exchange weapons, the bug is that when for example my AK47 this reloading and if I push the button to switch the weapon he return, but the return to AK47 she gets frozen animation, as if interrupted the animation recharge. I am a beginner and I use the Java language. Thank you!

  • Issue#2586: Problem with (old) Unity Master Server and NAT Facilitator

    Hello, I'm unable to connect two devices together using the old Unity Master Server and NAT Facilitator, installed on our own server. What I'm doing is start a server on both devices, register both to the Master Server, and then have device A connect to device B. (The reason for this two-way setup is that I can then try the other way around if the connection fails for some reason.) However, device A always gets the error message: NAT target 152667890 not connected to NAT facilitator [our... Problem with (old) Unity Master Server and NAT Facilitator

  • Issue#3038: Unity - Object counter issue: not working

    I am trying to make a script that counts objects in a list that are already active, I want my activeAmount to increase by 1 whenever a gameobject in the array is set to false, however I seem unable to. So far it either increases by 1 and then doesn't change, or it continuously increases without stop, any help is appreciated. I couldn't find any other question posted that dealt with this. Code (CSharp):  using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; using System.Collections; using... Object counter issue: not working

  • Issue#3139: Unity - Clear GI Cache Pink Objects

    I went to Clear the GI Cache, and all my objects became pink.

  • Issue#3594: Unity - Play Controller Problem with Multiplayer

    Hey folks, I have been trying to incorporate a simple player controller and allow it to work with a multiplayer game. Here is a code blurb from the NetworkManager.cs script, SpawnPlayer Instantiates the playerPrefab which has a Movement script, and a Network Identity and Network View. Code (CSharp):          private void JoinServer(HostData hostData){             Network.Connect(hostData);        }           void OnConnectedToServer(){             //Debug.Log("Server Joined");... Play Controller Problem with Multiplayer

  • Issue#3645: Large objects in Unity

    So, I was making a map for my game in sketchup. I converted it to an FBX and imported it into Unity. Problem is, the map is really big, and there are a lot of objects in the game. Unity is giving me an error that says: Too many objects of type GameObject in file Is there any way to turn down the number of GameObjects in the map I am importing to make it small enough to load? Any help appreciated, thanks

  • Issue#3977: Unity - Unet server using Web Sockets has performance issue

    I am experiencing CPU usage issue when running Unet server (as Windows desktop build) with and without checked option "Use Web Sockets". It looks like the build is 20-30x slower with Web Sockets and profiler does not show nothing interesting. Do you experience same behaviour? Is it known issue?