Issue#1988: Playstation - Fast forward error um-5nv8

  • For the last few weeks almost every time I try to fast forward I get this error. I then press OK, play, then fast forward and it works. Will this be fixed soon? It's quite annoying.

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  • Issue#21456: Playstation - FIFA 16 - Error CE-34878-0: Fix for This Issue?

    So so disappointed in the technical support provided by Playstation.  Issue has been with Playstation for 2 months and each time I have to call for an update.   They have provided troubleshooting steps several times but it does not fix the error.   I purchased the Fifa 16 game of disc and each time you score a goal the system crashes and blue screens.  There are many internet sites where it says that Playstation know about this error however they do not have a fix.  Totally disappointed.  They can not guarantee that if I purchase the game online and the same error occurs they will replace my money.  I definately won't be buying a playstation again should the console die.      Mod Edit: Moved thread to support area, updated title. --GrainneNessa

  • Issue#137082: Fast forward issue at high speeds

    Since upgrading to Jarvis RC3 I've noticed an issue with fast forwarding. At most speeds, the fast forward is jerky, but works. There seem to be occasional stop/starts at lower speeds, which are noticeable when watching credits. At x32 and sometimes at x16, the fast forward stops and the video pauses. I have to hit play and then begin fast forwarding again. I did not see this with Isengard, or with Jarvis RC1 (although I did not run RC1 very long) running on the same Windows 10 rig. Problem seems to arise with 1080 and 720 HD content, both 264 and 265 encoded. SD content does not seem to have this issue. No other playback problems. Same files have no playback issues in other players (VLC and PotPlayer tested, with 12x on potplayer and approx 32x on VLC).

  • Issue#170590: Sony - Fast forward issue in BDV-E690

    HiTeam, I am using Bluray Player, BDV-E690. I am facing an issue with the fast forward feature whenever I play any mkv & mp4 videos with AC3 or AAC audios (5.1 or stereo) through HDD or pendrive. When I press the FF button, it stops the movie and goes to next video. This happens with almost every movie but not with all the movies. Same issue is with my cousin who is using BDV-E490. But FF works for the same movie in BDV-N7200W/B. I am a huge fan of Sony and I make almost every friend, relative, and my collegues to use only Sony appliances. All are very happy for what I recommend.  With a kind request, please help to provide an update to use the fast forward feature for all type  of movies. Awaiting for your positive reply. Regards,Srikanth.India.  

  • Issue#182328: Playstation - There's an issue with streaming. (um-5nv8)

    Help. this happens a lot when im watching something Catch Up on any channel.  Why this happens?

  • Issue#322138: Playstation - No Fast Forward with On Demand Content

    I just set up Vue on my fire stick, but I cannot fast forward on ABC On Demand.  The fast forward symbol is crossed out at the bottom, always.

  • Issue#325352: Playstation - Can't fast forward Catch up shows

    The fast forward button is disabled in catch up shows. Is this by design?The fast forward button has a cross through it. I can rewind, but then I can't advance back to where I was.

  • Issue#334554: Playstation - Fire TV box problems - Fast forward,rewind, guide, catch up

    Vue works fine on my PS4 and works okay on my PS3. But on my Fire TV box I can't rewind or fast forward. When I choose a live channel, I get a pop-up message that says "Fast Forward and other playback controls have been disabled for this program".  I can switch over to my PS4 or PS3 and have full controls on the same live program. Also, on the guide I don't see any catch up icons or live icons. I see them on my PS4 and PS3. What could be causing this?

  • Issue#391709: Playstation - Cannot fast forward DVR content

    Is anyone else not able to fast forward DVR content?

  • Issue#401431: Playstation - fast forward/rewind, such a pain.

    why is there no "fwd 30 sec" / "rew 7 sec" like on my cable remote? it's hard to tell where you are in fast forwarding/rewinding, and it almost always goes past the point where I need it to be? please tell me there's something i'm missing here and that this is a feature.

  • Issue#426038: Playstation - Fast forward

    Everything was working fine now I cannot fast forward through dvr content.

  • Issue#470392: Playstation - Service Error, Can't access Chat support due to online ID issue

    Hi Everyone,  I am receiving a Service Error when trying to access Vue on my free trial (4 days left).  I have tried contacting support through chat however it refuses to recognize my online ID, so I can not access the support chat.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Thanks!

  • Issue#561055: Playstation - Not showing video while fast forward

    I am having an issue when I fast forward or rewind it is not showing where I am in the show. I see the time fast forwarding, and when I stop I go to that spot in the show, but I can't see where I am. This makes fast forwarding very difficult. Any solutions? im on a PS4 on the latest software.

  • Issue#636208: Playstation - Better way to fast forward passed commercials

    One major problem I have is that I can't "see" how far I've fast forwarded visually (other than the # of seconds) and constantly going to far, and when I try to rewind, I over shoot it again. Is there any trick to this or do I have to keep guessing and going back and forth.  (Yes, I know you can FF live TV and some programs.)  Using Amazon FireTV. I'm trying to decide whether to keep Vue, and this is a dealbreaker for me.

  • Issue#661580: Playstation - Messy 1.04 Connection issue and Party join error

    After 1.04: 1. white plug appears often2. grenade somestimes takes 5 seconds to explode3. Very difficult to take downs as it is VERY LAG, especially as a party leader4. Cannot join Party Please fix that asap as it is an urgent issue

  • Issue#676553: Playstation - Vue error code UM-5NV8

    Anyone else seeing this? This happens every so often when watching a channel. If I turn the channel and go back. Its fine again? I think this problem is on Sony's end? 

  • Issue#699557: Playstation - Cannot Fast Forward DVR of Free Form shows

    Hello,I have recorded shows off the FreeForm channel on DVR, but when playing back, we are unable to use the fast forward function.  Why is this? Thanks.

  • Issue#725428: Playstation - PSN Connection Issue - DNS error 80710102

    This appears to have been an issue for many people. When watching Netflix on my PS3, I get a DNS error 80710102 and am signed out of PSN. My PS3 is hardwired into my TWC modem and I'm not having any internet connection issues with my other devices. I performed all the basic trouble shooting steps (turn off PS3, unplug modem, manually enter public DNS numbers,etc.), all to no avail. The one thing that does work is resetting my PS3 network settings, which restores my ability to connect to the PSN. However five minutes in to watching Netflix on my PS3 I lose connection and receive the same error. I've reset my network settings multiple times now with the same result. This appears to be a common problem without a common solution. Both PS3 technical support and TWC tier 3 support have been unable to assist. They both have basically said "sorry - can't help you". I just want to say that before this started two days ago, I've never experienced this problem before. Before I give up on being a

  • Issue#790904: Playstation - VUE in constant fast forward state and I have no audio on with VUE.

    Anytime I try to watch a show, its in constant fast forward mode. I can't get it to stop. Even if I hit pause or rewind, after it pauses or stopes rewinding, it just starts fast forwarding. I also have no audio. WHats going on? help!!!!

  • Issue#811232: Playstation - Error Regarding: PS4 Activation Issue and Lock Below Games.

    Ive updated my playstation 4 recently and now i cant  play my games on the other accounts on the same ps4 this issue was not presented before the update.So  i go to my settings and restore my liscences this dosent work and it turns out my main ps4 account is not activated as primary anymore and it says it cannot be activated as someone else has my account activated this is highly unlikely because ive given noone my account and this is my only ps4. If anyone had a similar issue and came to a fix please tell me it would be gladely appreciated.

  • Issue#893067: Playstation - DVR Issue when restarting live broadcast from beginning causing permanent error in DVR

    I recently encountered an issue that has come up again since the first time. A few weeks back I wanted to watch the last 2hour episode of Street Outlaws Season 4 Episode 10 on 06/20/2016. I missed the first part of the live broadcast so I figured I would start it over from the beginning. I have the show set as a favorite so the show was being recorded to my cloud DVR during the live show. It seems that is part of the problem, because when I went to start the show from the beginning I got an error. "There was an error playing the program. Please try again or select another program to continue Vueing. [NATIVE_ERROR:INTERNAL] " That error remains to this day. If I try to play that show from the DVR I get the above error. Which was the same error I got during the live broadcast when I tried to start the show from the beginning. I was able to go back and watch the live show, I just missed part of the beginning and then later the ending. Weeks later I still cannot view that show. I

  • Issue#968029: Playstation - Channels stuck in fast forward (Fire TV Box)

     Over the past two weeks, a problem has occurred where the channel is stuck in fast forward.  It started when you changed to a new channel, the new channel would be in fast foward.  It would continue this until it reached the end of the buffered data, but then the channel stream with stink.  The fix was to switch to a channel and then change back.  Then the problem occurred with the channel that you switched back to, so both channels you tried to view were in fast forward.  Now, the problem has spread to when you turn the app on, the first channel that launches will be in fast forward.  Customer service says they have never encountered this problem. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it, and that did not fix the problem.  I have yet to do a box reset.  Streaming device is a Fire TV box.  Problem occurs whether wireless or connected with ethernet. 

  • Issue#1032061: Playstation - Fast Forward Improvements

    I really like the service. The one thing that is bothersome is the fast forward feature in the DVR function. Updating this to include thumbnails while fast forwarding would make it a top notch TV service. Sometimes FF doesn't work at all. Are they working on this shortfall?

  • Issue#1067963: Playstation - Deactivate Console Issue READ CLOSELY BEFORE CLOSING PLEASE AND FORWARD TO TECH

    I know this seems isolated or "OMG you got hacked, not our fault" but this is far too wide spread. The Deactivated Console issue is a SONY  (read: NOT USER) error. There are too many people having it occur, and the stories are all identical.   Activating a System.  Denied due to another system being activated.  Unknown System cannot be deactivated via Website due to "Too soon" message- despite user having NEVER made use of it.   Inspecting my own account showed ZERO activity.  No one played anything online.No one bought anything .No one earned a trophy. So either the M4d Sk!llz Hackers really really suck at games... or there was a glitch/hiccup in the PSN service that managed to only affect a small (comparatively) group of users ala the infamous PS3 Laser Burnout catastrophe that "absolutely never happened." Please address this.

  • Issue#1178277: Playstation - Issue connecting to Factions MP! ERROR AUTHENTICATION FAILED

    Is anyone else having problems connecting to the last of us remastered Factions MP for PS4?? I keep getting a connection error stating:Error authentication failedI am posting on 9/5/16 at 8:34PM CST

  • Issue#508: Playstation - Big missions issue

    Help, I can't redeem my reward for daily or any missions , it says error and then doesn't give the reward, it happened for two weeks and still is, please help!☹️ 

  • Issue#559: Playstation - Playstation 4 controller (DS4) light bar issue

    Aside from everything else woking in perfect condition, the light bar is turned off completely at any circumstances, except it lights up when it is placed on PowerA charging station but only a litte bit and off without having it charged. It charges with USB althought no light bar. "Resetting the controller" using the reset button at the back all seem not to get it back on. Is it because of the latest update? Would anybody have a solution to such a light bar issue?

  • Issue#854: Playstation - error CE-34878-0 (game won't load)

    Tried playing digital version of MLB 15 The Show and it wou'd load. Got error page with error CE-34878-0 and option to report error which I did. Looked up on Google "CE-34878-0 PS4" and found others had problems. Suggestion by some was to turn off console and reinstall game. Some said it worked, others said it didn't. I went to NOTIFICATIONs and looked for MLB 15 The Show and used the Reinstall Appllication option, not reinstalling the whole nor did I delete the game. Went back to game and it loaded properly and I am now playing it. Nothing works for everyone.

  • Issue#960: Playstation - PS Vita Store error code NP-2245-3

    This error code constantly appears on the PS Vita store but with different descriptions. For me its either "Could not connect to playstation network within the time limit" or "connection to the server is lost" I'm not the only one with this issue and there are many fixes and none of them work for me. I've tried everything from the options in safe mode port forwarding to activations. It has to be an error in the PS Store for the vita. Playstation needs to fix it.

  • Issue#962: Playstation - ERROR

    hola me sale un error al pagar mi plusel codigo es E-812027850HABER SI ME PUEDEN AYUDAR