Issue#318: iPhone 4: iPhone 4 mic not working during call

  • Hi,

    probably this question has been asked many times

    here is my problem

    i have an iphone 4, during incoming or outgoing call, i can hear other people, but other people can't hear me, i've tried speaker mode,same thing. have not try headphone with mic yet.

    i tried to go to camera, and record a short clip, i can hear my own voice though, so it is only happening during calls.

    here is what I've tested so far

    i have another perfectly working iphone 4, so i began to swapping parts.

    first, i swapped the motherboard only, and it seems like it is not the motherboard. because the mic problem iphone motherboard transfer to a good phone, and i can hear people and other can hear me.

    and the good iphone motherboard on the bad mic iphone housing still have the mic problem.

    my guess i narrowed it down to the housing.

    so continued swapping the bottom speaker, bottom mic and charging port, it seems like these parts from bad iphone housing to a good iphone are working.

    so it doesn't seem like problem on lower mic and charging port, lower speaker/antenna.

    what else should i try?

    ⟐ Answered January 23, 2016 at 2:54 pm -0700

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