Issue#4563: MSI Project Installer working only on local system

  • I create an MSI package for my project in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, I run the installer and it works on my system.

    The problem is if I take the MSI package to another computer (running the same Windows version (Windows 7)), the installer won't run. I double click it, windows shows the busy icon for a second, and then nothing happens.

    Note: on that other system, if I create the MSI package from there, it also works only locally, and not on other computers.

    Why is this happening and how can I make it work on all computers?

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  • Issue#416554: Playstation - PS4 System Update 3.50 Mic Issue! Beats & Apple Headphones Not Working

    Neither 2 pair of beats that i have (WHICH IVE ALWAYS BEEN USING PERFECTLY FINE) or the annoying Ringing Apple Headphones work for me anymore after this update. You can hear the audio coming through but neither mics work now cause of this update and i've tried restarting the console. Why cant you's make a good working update without ruining something else.     Mod Edit: Moved thread to support area, updated title. --GrainneNessa

  • Issue#805159: Unity - Particle System Local Scaling Mode Not working for localScale Y values

    I was experimenting with particles today and ran into an odd issue. Maybe I'm missing something basic but it seemed like a bug... Here is a simple particle. It's a single game object with a single particle system that just spins in a circle. After reading about the scaling modes it seemed the case that if I selected 'Local' for scaling mode, I would be able to scale the transform of this gameobject and see the results in my particle. View attachment 190038 Sure enough, when I scale... Particle System Local Scaling Mode Not working for localScale Y values

  • Issue#1720: Weird issue with Sprite Kit project

    I want to have a little play around with Sprite Kit, just for fun really. I decided that I would like to target OS X initially. I've tried building and running the default Sprite Kit template project. I have made no changes to it. It builds with no errors, but when the product is run, the graphics in the window are completely corrupted. This is supposed to be a few spinning spaceships. The lumps of stuff do spin, but they don't look anything like a ship:... Weird issue with Sprite Kit project

  • Issue#2675: Sony - Sony DAV-TZ140 speaker system audio not working from tv

    I have tried every physical combo trying to get audio to my Sony DAV-TZ140 home theatre system, from my Samsung 6840 UHD TV system. Audio no work. DVD audio works fine. No TV audio coming out of my Sony speakers!

  • Issue#2849: Sony - CMT CP300 - music system not working

    Hi Not sure if anyone encountered the similar issue or if anyone can help me, my CMT CP300 music system was working fine until I moved from one room to another, after moving I connected and it worked fine on the day. However the following day it just don't work anymore. When I turn the system on it, lights up and suddenly the Tape A and Tape B (empty) starts to rotate as its going to play, then it just after few seconds switch itself off. Also there are disc's in there but I can't get to the disc, as soon as I move to the function of CD player, it goes there winds up the Tape play and then goes to stand by. I've reset the sytem as per the instructions manual but to no success. Any advice would be helpfull to fix the system. Regards 

  • Issue#3038: Unity - Object counter issue: not working

    I am trying to make a script that counts objects in a list that are already active, I want my activeAmount to increase by 1 whenever a gameobject in the array is set to false, however I seem unable to. So far it either increases by 1 and then doesn't change, or it continuously increases without stop, any help is appreciated. I couldn't find any other question posted that dealt with this. Code (CSharp):  using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; using System.Collections; using... Object counter issue: not working

  • Issue#4263: Having Issue: Connecting SSAS Tabular on standalone system without Domin

    Hi, I am trying to connect to SSAS tabular cube. Below are details 1) Mine is standlone system.2) For login to system no Domain required.3) Sql server is also installed on same machine. I am able to connect and browse the cube4) I am able to connect to Sql server database using Enterprise gateway. Issue:a) I am not able to connect to SSAS cube using Analysis service Connector because of 'Effective User Name mismatch' error.b) If I am trying to connect through Enterprise gateway, it is not connecting. Might be because no domain configured. Anyone, please advice. ThanksNitin

  • Issue#4346: [RESOLVED] Win10 UWP - Unity 5.2 System.Runtime issue

    Cannot build a Win10 UWP Unity 5.2 project in VS2015 (14.0.23107.0 D14REL). Cannot resolve Assembly or Windows Metadata file 'System.Runtime.dll' Here is what is included in the csproj file that gets created from Unity: <Reference Include="System.Runtime"> <HintPath>C:\Users\[MYLOGIN]\.nuget\packages\System.Runtime\4.0.20\ref\dotnet\System.Runtime.dll</HintPath> </Reference> The file exists at that location. In VS2015, in the Object Browser, I can see System.Runtime and the... [RESOLVED] Win10 UWP - Unity 5.2 System.Runtime issue

  • Issue#8664: System generator Black Box simulation issue

    Hi all   I am trying to run a simulation of a VHDL code in Black Box. When Vivado is selected simoulation freezes on Initializing state - no errors and wannings. It appeasrs to be only a problem with Black Box when external simulator is called.    I am using Vivado2015.2 System Edition and Matlab 2015a all run on Win7 SP1 64bit.   Regards   GPo      

  • Issue#15112: HP - Factory installed System recovery win 10 not working

    Factory installed System recovery win 10 not working, When started a cute little box circles around its perimeter. For more tha 24 hrs???? Any ideas? Thank you,bobo42813

  • Issue#15707: Autodesk - Crash - When working outside of the project

    Using AutoCAD Electrical 2016/Win 7/64B.   I have 3 instances of this..   When opening a drawing outside of the project (meaning it doesn't belong to this project), printing it and then opening another one outside of the project.. AutoCAD Electrical 2016 fatal errors.  I can reproduce this each and everytime on 2 machines.  Anybody seen this before?   In the third case, if you open a drawing outside of the project and keep opening files outside of the project, AutoCAD Electrical will finally crash.

  • Issue#16734: Car issue, spotify now working on bluetooth

    Hello there!I have a VW GOLF MK 7 (bluetooth) version and since my last update the spotify is not working anymore with my car. Even if I put the volume higher and higher and it continues mute with no sound. I can see the seconds of musics going on but NO sound!Can anyone help me with that?

  • Issue#18321: Lenovo - A680 all system processes stops working

    My phone Lenovo A680 has its processes stop and it iterates every restart, I've done reset factory through BootLoader but it's not working. Any other methods in fixing this problem?By the way before this happened, the last application I used was SMULE until the battery was emptied. After recharging it, I turned it on and then after a few seconds getting on the main screen, almost all application stopped working. I received pop up prompts. And whenever I press 'Okay' other applications simultaneously prompts next and the whole thing just happens all over again.Please help me solve this.If you want other resources, reply through this thread.

  • Issue#21038: Lenovo - Persistent System Freeze Issue on Newly Upgraded SSD on Windows 10 Y510P

    I purchased the MYDIGITALSSD M.2 256GB SSD to replace the 24GB M.2 that originally came with my Y510P. I completed the upgrade and re-installed Windows 10 (on the ssd) and use the 1TB drive purely as storage, and re-downloaded all of the necessary drivers for the laptop. Ever since then, i experience 3-4 system freezes daily. I am not able to get to task manager, just get a complete system hang and i have no choice but to restart the pc. It typically starts with one application, then after a few seconds, everything will freeze and become unusable. Does anyone have any advice on this? i read about someone having a similar issue a really long time ago but i cant remember where and can't find any info on this specific problem. It's driving me crazy though and i'd appreciate any advice or troubleshooting tips offered. thanks everyone. -Daniel

  • Issue#21282: Random Map system doesn't working?

    Hey all, my problem is that whenever I enter a casual game, the automatic searching for server system only finds me a de_inferno game. Some games at the begginning, some at the middle of the match, some at the end, doesn't matter, it only gets me de_inferno. My friend got the same problem, but with de_dust2. Some stuff to considerate: - The Reserve Group maps randomize system still working, it gets me any map of that group of maps - When I make a room to play with friends and I'm the leader, it only finds de_inferno, if another person who doesn't has this issue is the leader, the game finds any map. - Lately, I think Saturday 01/16, brazilian traffic of servers had an issue and it got fixed in the other day, but I was playing with my friend when that issue happened and later on we got that problem with the random map finding servers system. I don't know if anyone else had this problem, if any other brazilian got this problem, if anyone around the world had this problem, didn't fi

  • Issue#21286: Project CARS - Pitting - Issue with tires.

    We raced tonight at Monza, 30 laps... I had to pit for fuel on lap 20 (Group5 - Ford Capri), I did NOT change tires, as they were barely worn, and got the right pressure throughout the race. (I did set up a pit stop strategy for the stop, with tire change, the pressure was set at the start at 1.10 for all four tires at the start, and in the pit stop also for 1.10 for all four) Now, I did choose to NOT change any tires, but after the stop, I drove 1 lap, and all tires were full red, at 125-140 °C. This is surely not good like this, as these same tires did 20 laps before that, always being green, and have not worn 10% during these 20 laps, but after the stop, they wore another 20% (at least) in the next 8 laps.

  • Issue#25636: The Division PC Beta Uplay Issue (Play Button Not Working)

    Update my game 01/29/2016 CET 1am but : Help us Ubi.

  • Issue#26400: Project CARS - Mazda mx-5 radbull steering issue

    I drive t500rs and now i try the new mx-5 radbull but when i turn the wheel over 1/4 round it suddenly turn's to maximum it only does this for this car.

  • Issue#26942: System rebuild, Believe VRMS on MSI 990FXA Gaming Burned Up.

     "After using my latest build for a few months, -SILVER STONE CS-GD09B CASE -MSI 990FXA..."

  • Issue#28973: Notebook - Hard Drive Issue? (MSI GS60 Ghost Pro)

    Hi All, This may be long so please bear with me. I'm hoping MSIGeno sees this and can provide his recommendation. I haven't been on the forums in years, so I had to make a new account (couldn't remember my old login info). I bought a GS60 back in March of 2015, so it's less than a year old. I have only taken it outside of my house once for vacation, so it has been babied. I absolutely love the laptop. The only issue I've had (until recently) is that it can get pretty hot, so some of... Hard Drive Issue? (MSI GS60 Ghost Pro)

  • Issue#29237: My biggest issue with the rogue system

    Triggering rogue status can be extremely annoying at times. My biggest complaint about it is how it's triggered. It seems to be a damage threshold system, so a terrible player might start spraying at you missing most of his bullets. You turn (thinking he has the rogue status for hitting you a few times) and kill him to notice you're the one with the 80s timer. This has basically just made me sit and wait for enemies to drop me to 75% HP before I turn and start to shoot at them. The system could work a lot better if it was based on proximity of bullets, or if the damage threshold was at a higher number.

  • Issue#29369: Issue with my account and customer support isnt working

    I signed up for the division beta using a pre order code never got the code for the beta. Came to realize that my account is linked to a old email that i can longer access and need it too change. I have tried to use the customer support to get it changed but a error happens every time i try to submit a question

  • Issue#30417: Serious issue - MSI R9 290x OC

     "I've been having a very serious problem the last few days. Sometimes my PC starts up..."

  • Issue#33323: Project CARS - Issue: T300 wheel tears to one side

    Hi, when driving online frequently my T300 wheel tears suddenly to one side. Only help is to end and restart pcars. The PS4 guys report the same issue. In my case it is on PC. I think it came with patch 8.0. Any other on PC with this issue? It seems to happen when driving online. Didn't have this issue offline so far.

  • Issue#35219: Webroot - i was working on a project, and i hit something erased all 2015 or later

    iwebroot pop up erased all my downloads,movies and family pics, permantly. Can I get them back? it erased my 10

  • Issue#35966: Project CARS - T300rs wheel FFB fade issue after update to 8.00 version

    Hi guys. i have a FFB fading issue with my t300rs wheel since i updated project cars to 8.00. Before the update, the wheel was fine and I could play it for an hour without feeling any FFB fade. But after update to 8.00, the FFB feels slightly stronger than before and then starts fading after just 5 mins of game play. I wonder is there anyone having the same issue? Cause i only have the project cars and don't have any racing games, so i cannot tell if this is a game issue or there is something wrong with the wheel. (current setting: FFB=75; TIRE FORCE=115)

  • Issue#36035: My issue with the rogue system

    Basically what happens is I'm playing solo, so I naturally get jumped by two people who want some free loot (it was a cosmetic item lol). They spray at me, so I run away to see if they really want to fight. Once they open fire again I return fire only to go rogue as my bullets are the only ones hitting. I clean them up to notice another player trying to kill me (to get the rogue bounty). I run away and then turn to fire upon him if he chases me. He does, and then I have a skirmish with 3 more players to only die due to lack of Ammo/Medkits (since I was about to run back to a checkpoint :/). I'm just annoyed that I'm punished for landing shots after I've been fired upon. Going rogue solo is pretty much a death sentence, so I try to avoid it, but situations like this seem to happen way too often.

  • Issue#36521: Logitech - G933 Reconnect issue (+ G910 not working during reconnect)

    Hello, i have a problem with my G933 Headset.Every 2-3 minutes, the headset disconnect for a short time (ca. 1 sec.) and the LGS shows this screen:Then firstly the surround sound turns of and after ca. 2 second the surround sound works correctly again. During these ~4Seconds, my G910 isn't working or the input is delayed. That's a no-go thing if you want to play games.(WIndows 10 / LGS 8.78)

  • Issue#38425: Project CARS - Fanatec CSR Wheel stopped working

    I first got Project Cars PS4 last week. After figuring out that I had to turn on my CSR Wheel at the start screen, everything started to work really well. Then this morning I started having issues with my wheel getting disconnected while I am racing. At first it happened about once per race then every minute then every 5 seconds. Eventually my wheel did not reconnect at all.. I tried everything... unplugged everything, restarted from scratch many times... nothing will do. My wheel is no longer recognized at all by the game even in the start screen. I tried booting up Forza Motorsport on my X-Box 360 and it works just fine. I am not sure what to do... The only thing I can think of is maybe erasing all game data but I would lose my progress... Any advice?