Issue#500: Lenovo - Always on USB settings no longer in Helix 2 BIOS or Lenovo settings app

  • I have a Helix 2 (20CG) and have issues of fast battery drain during connected standby state. The USB xHCI controller was active 100% of the time and I confirmed that USB device was still charging when the Helix 2 was in standby. Also noticed that there used to be config about always on USB in older BIOS (1.7x I believe) and older Lenovo Settings app. However always on USB settings is no longer there in latest BIOS 1.83, the updated Lenovo Settings app does not have it either. Wondering if the new versions removed such settings so always on USB is stuck at enabled. Is there any way to disable always on USB in such a case? Thanks.


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  • Issue#3956: Lenovo - Yoga 2 Pro 4200U Enters Bios Settings Every Reboot

    When trying to troubleshoot a Yoga 2 Pro 4200U for a family member we decided to do a factory reset of the machine. After resetting it to factory settings, every time we reboot the beeps and shows "Entering Setup" at the Lenovo splash screen, then enters the Bios "Thinkpad Setup". No matter what changes we make to the settings, exiting and saving changes reboots the computer and sends us back into the Bios. The only way to get Windows to boot is to click "Exit Discarding Changes". Windows boots successfully then, so the computer is functional, but it is still quite an annoyance that you have to enter then exit the Bios utility every time you restart the computer. Google Fu only turned up scattered related issues, some of them pointing to the potential of a bad main batter pack or CMOS battery, with something related to the motherboard not knowing what Date/Time it is. Is there any likelihood that this is actually correct? I'm loathe to blame hardware that was working perfectly fin

  • Issue#11124: Lenovo - BIOS Settings Blank with Cursor after BIOS Update

    I just updated our RD 630 to BIOS version 9.60 (latest). The BIOS update seems to work without errors. Upon rebooting, I can no longer get into the BIOS settings. If I press F1 at startup, I see the usual startup screens, and then after that, all I see is a black screen with a blinking cursor in the middle. Nothing else. Everything else works. I can still select boot devices (F12) and the system boots into Windows. Only the BIOS setup is affected. I tried reloading the BIOS twice using DOS boot. After searching online, I also tried loading it from Windows. The fans are louder at startup after the BIOS update from Windows. Otherwise there is no difference. Can anyone suggest ways to get the BIOS Settings screens back? Thanks!

  • Issue#34482: Lenovo - What's the Best way to change bios settings to boot from DVD on the A740-All-In-One?

    I am going to install a new hard drive and reinstall windows from the DVD I just made on my A740. What is the best way to make my a740 boot the DVD player only once to reinstall windows? Sorry I am a complete rookie messing with the bios settings and don't want to mess up my beautiful AIO.Thanks you!

  • Issue#46159: Lenovo - Lenovo Thinkpad L540 Black Screen after changing bios settings

    Hi guys please help if you can. Like in toppic , I have changed settings in bios to it's default and got a black screen error , now laptop is turning on , fan is sppining , hard drive is working but nothing displayed on the screen , only a fuc*in darkness , can u guys help ? laptop is brand new I got it from europenian project. I tried to reset bios by holding power button for 30 sec , affter that laptop starts heard 1 beep and it's all , still a darkness .. Connecting an external displayer still no luck :/ Many thanks for any help !!

  • Issue#70859: Lenovo - M78 10BT 64-bit SRWIN to capture/apply BIOS settings

    Is there a 64bit version of SRWIN available to capture/playback BIOS settings for a M78 (10BT)? It appears as though the only way to programmaticaly change secure boot and various other settings for our Win10 deploy on this hardware is via SRWIN (WMI doesn't allow changes to Secure Boot).

  • Issue#117285: Lenovo - Lenovo Settings app - without Windows Store

    Hi; My company policy avoids the Windows App Store.  I want to be able to install the Lenovo Settings App.  I know that if I find the source, I can install it using the sidekick method. Can anyone help me to find an alternative source or an alternative method which does not require the Windows App Store?Regards.

  • Issue#124602: Lenovo - Yoga500 - Display Rotation is Disabled by Lenovo Settings App

    Hello, I have a two week old Yoga500 14ISK running Windows 10. Everything worked fine when delivered. After the first Windows 10 update the display rotation is not working anymore. I renwed all hardware drivers, enabled the rotation functonality in the regstry. Since than the keyboard is opening automaticaly when turned in tablet mode and also the button to enable/ disable is working again. But the screen is still not rotating. In the Lenovo Settings App the display rotation is disabled. The enable button is gray and now way to activate it.What else can I do, to get it running and to get the Lenovo Settings working well? Thanks for any help!CCK

  • Issue#168534: Lenovo - Yoga 500 - Lenovo Settings bug

    I bought this laptop 1 month ago and first day I was updating my computer then I realize my computer has a program that name is Lenovo Settings.It was so useful with its conservation mode.Then I activated conservation mode.Then program updated by itself and conservation mode was gone.So I couldn't deactivate conversation mode.Now my battery stuck at %58 and it is not charging more than %58.Why did you remove that feature from program ? What am I gonna do ? I deleted program and reinstalled but it didnt fix.I am gonna be crazy please find and do something.Maybe you could give old driver for Lenovo Settings.Also I searched for old driver but I couldn't find PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

  • Issue#226504: Lenovo - Question about Lenovo K450e and BIOS + RAM settings

    Hello! I have been an owner of the K450e for a while and have just begun to upgrade its graphics card, power supply, and RAM. However, I've run into a problem in the RAM part. The particular K450e that I have comes with two 4GB RAM sticks, specificially Micron's MT8JTF51264AZ-1G6. They are 1600 MHz, 1.5V, and 11-11-11-28. Today, I bought two more 4GB RAM sticks from Amazon, but although they match as 1600 MHz and 1.5V, the sticks are 9-9-9-24. After browsing through many forums, I've come to the answer that BIOS's can either have an auto function where the faster RAM sticks simply perform at the slower RAM sticks level or that BIOS's can be used to manually set the faster RAM sticks to the slower one's settings. However, I've come to the realization that the Lenovo Motherboard Model #10181's BIOS does not have the ability to manually set the settings. Now, for the ultimate questions:1.) Does this motherboard have the "auto" setting that will simply cause my faster R

  • Issue#265457: Lenovo - H50-50 - Video settings BIOS

    Hi.I tried to change video settings from the BIOS before because I had a problem with the GPU.I changed a thing from "Auto" to "Axxx", unfortunately I don't remember how it was named. Anyway, when I start my computer, I can't see anything, black screen; I tried to restore BIOS settings with F9 button but it didn't work and now I don't know what to do. Could you please help me?My graphic card is AMD Radeon R7 240 (2GB)P.S.: I'm sorry for my English, it's not my first language.Edit: if I got it right, I changed my GPU from AMD one to the inboard one and I don't have any, so I think this is my problem, but I'm not able to fix it 

  • Issue#369310: Lenovo - Bios Settings utility for X1 Carbon (20BS) ?

    I'm looking for the utility to copy/apply bios settings for the 20BS model, so I can configure 1 and copy those settings to multiple computers before deploying the OS.  The only thing I see on the driver download page under bios is a bios update, no sign of the tool for backing up the settings.  Is there some reason that this model doesn't have such a tool available?  

  • Issue#512690: Lenovo - Lenovo u31-70 CPU Throttling - no bios settings

    Hello again, after my battery problem was fixed, i got into another problem.My CPU is constantly throttling to 24% of it's capacity. It's an Intel i3 5005u 2.0ghz processor, and it never goes to 2.0gz, but stays at .48ghz all the time.The temp. seems to be always near 40-44 degrees and never goes up.I just changed my thermal paste, and nothing seems to be fixing it. PS: Power is on High Performance and the laptop is always plugged in.UPDATE: I forgot to mention it's Windows 10 (it's a full edition, original DVD copied to USB with original license purchased last year)

  • Issue#526278: Lenovo - ThinkPad L460, unable to get BIOS settings via WMI

    We have been using the official instructions and VBscripts from Lenovo to configure the BIOS on ThinkPad T440, T450, L440 and L450 laptops via WMI. This has worked well for a good while now. A few weeks back we received our first batch of ThinkPad L460 laptops (with Windows 10), and I went to check on and update the BIOS scripts. The first thing I tried was to get a list of all available BIOS settings, first using the ListAll.vbs script (available from the link above) and then via the PowerShell commands listed in the PDF (skl_deploy_01.pdf). On the previous ThinkPad models the ListAll.vbs script would return a long list of avilable BIOS settings (or "configuration items") along with their current and possible values. On the L460 it returns nothing at all, not even an error message: C:\temp\Script>cscript ListAll.vbsMicrosoft (R) Windows Script Host versjon 5.812Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. Med enerett. C:\temp\Script> This is not the same output

  • Issue#582288: Lenovo - The Dobly Tile is missing in the Lenovo Settings App

    On T460s, a clean installed Windows 10 64-bit has loaded all the Lenovo drivers. The audio driver works fine, and the Dobly feature can be turned on/off from Control Panel -> Sound. However, the Dobly settings are missing from the Lenovo Settings App. All other tiles are there and work fine.  I recall a Dobly Tile in Lenovo Settings App from T440s and Windows 8.1. 

  • Issue#602975: Lenovo - Change BIOS settings on Bulk Machines

    i need to change the BIOS settings from Legacy to UEFI on bulk machines instead of doing this manual , lenovo model is the E93Z , is there any kind of tool can do this on bulk or any mechanism  Please update me 

  • Issue#611931: Lenovo - RD240 - restart changes the BIOS settings

    Hello folks, I have a rack mount RD240 with a megaRaid card and is configured with 2 SAS drives to Raid1.Not everytime but 1/2 the time when I reboot the server it will not start back up. This is a real painbecause it a 30 mile drive to the location.. When it fails to start I have to go in to the BIOS and find that the RAID setting is not in the right position. I change it and it will boot fine. I replaced the BIOS battery  and  it still does it.What am I overlooking?You're ideal are welcome. Thanks

  • Issue#717073: Lenovo - I Cannot Enter to Bios Settings In Lenovo B570e

    I'm using Lenovo B570e, Since I installed Windows 8.1 pro on It, I Can't access bios settins any more every time Am trying to access it it Says "Please wait......, then windows start to boot. Please guys assist me on this issue.

  • Issue#755807: Lenovo - Update BIOS settings LEGACY to UEFI (ThinkCentre M900)

    We are now migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10.With windows 7 we were running legacy BIOS. Now with Windows 10 it is UEFI and Secure Boot on all machines before deployment of operating system. I have configured the BIOS settings exactly as i wanted on one machine. (UEFI, Boot Order, Secure Boot Enabled)Then i have used CFGWIN.exe to export my settings to a txt file CFGWIN.exe /c /path:c:\settings.txt Now i want to use this configuration on all other Lenovo computers, without going in to BIOS and change all settings manually. So in my OS deployment i run:CFGWIN.exe /r /path:c:\settings.txt (after that i reboot the computers and continue with OS deployment) But BIOS are not set to UEFI, Secure Boot is still disabled? Please help!

  • Issue#837965: Lenovo - Settings App Will not Open

    I have a Lenovo Y50-70 and am having trouble opening the Lenovo Settings App. When I click on the battery gague and the "Lenovo Settings" short list shows up and then I click on "Go to Lenovo Settings" at the bottom of the menu, a grey screen pops up for a few seconds and then goes away. The app does not appear in the control panel list in Add/Remove Programs but the ICON ONLY appears in the Windows Apps & Features list. To clarify while most of those apps have the app name and developer with an "uninstall" button next to it, for this one only the Lenovo Settings icon (3 vertical sliders), "LENOVO INCORPORATED" and "Uninstall" are present, no actual app name (which should be "Lenovo Settings"). Because the name is missing this app appears at the bottom of the Apps & Features List. Furthermore, when I try to uninstall it from Apps & Features, I get an error message "Cannot uninstall at this time...0x80073cf6". So in short, the app doesnt work, I can't uninstall/rei

  • Issue#918603: Lenovo - lenovo k4 vibe after marshmallo update lost 'settings : manage app permissions on a per-app

    Hi, After marshmallo latest update to my lenovo k4 vibe following is missing.How to get back this option to manage app permissions on a per-app basis ? Missing:'Permissions and Apps. The former gives you a breakdown of all the permissions that are used by apps installed on the phone, while the latter allows you to manage app permissions on a per-app basis.' Thanks, 

  • Issue#920071: Lenovo - Lenovo ThinkPad T440s: unable to change bios settings

    I've just changed the ssd (harddisk) of my Lenovo ThinkPas T440s, then installing Window 8.1 Pro on the new ssd.To do that, I first changed the bios settings, allowing for legacy boot. Then I powered-off the machine from the bios (Disable Built-in Battery), so as to change the ssd.Eventually, there was some problem with the bios, so I disconnected manually the internal battery.Bios: LENOVO GJET89WW (2.39 ) 04/12/2016Boot Mode: Legacy BIOS in UEFI[ This is the lastest bios, obtained here: ]Now, when I enter the bios, I cannot change any setting. How can I fix that?

  • Issue#934790: Lenovo - W540 - Serious BIOS Worry: Can't Change Security Settings?

    Hello:     I have a worrisome issue with my BIOS.   I have discovered that I cannot change security settings in the BIOS! When I "hit enter for startup options" and enter the BIOS setup, I am asked for my fingerprint. I don't remember turning that setting on! Then I am asked for a password: I also haven't set a password in the BIOS!. It took me a few failed attempts to discover that I can just hit enter, and I get to the setup screen.   However, on the Security tab, I CANNOT MAKE ANY CHANGES! As I said, the fingerprint security is on, but I can't turn it off! I also can't make any changes to any other settings on that tab!   Can you help?   I can add that it is SEEMINGLY coincident with installing and running IObit Advanced SystemCare 9 Pro (a paid version of a trojan scanner and "system optimizer" --- This program makes no claims about changing any BIOS settings though ... and I

  • Issue#947965: Lenovo - App settings reset every time my phone reboots

    I have a micro SD card formatted so i can have apps on my micro SD card and every time i reboot my phone all of their settings in my permissions and stuff reset! my music playlists get deleted, and a bunch of other things just dissapear! How can i fix this?

  • Issue#1013320: Lenovo - BIOS Settings for VMware vSphere 6 & X3650 M5 & X3550 M5

    Am looking for the list of recommended BIOS settings for high-performance with VMware vSphere ESXi 6.0U2 on Lenovo rackmount M5 servers. Any help would be much appreciated. 

  • Issue#1074731: Lenovo - Lenovo Settings app missing half its settings

    I did a fresh install of Windows 10 (Pro x64), installed the lenovo Settings app and made sure all the related packages were installed using System Update. However, the Settings app is missing half its menu options -- no Smart Settings option, no Battery option, no keyboard/mouse option, and no Display option (actually, the Display option is there, but clicking on it brings up a blank screen in the app).  What am I missing to get the settings app to work correctly?

  • Issue#1195144: Lenovo - Opening Data usage from settings, the app getting crash after installing new system update

    I m using Moto G plus 4 mobile. Yesterday i.e on 9 Sept 2016, I updated the phone with the latest release of system updates(on 9 Sept 2016). Before update i was able to open the data usage from the setting. But after update whenever i open "data usage" from setting, the setting app crashes. I tried following ways to get rid of this problem but i failed. 1. Uninstalled antivirus and applock 2. Deleted the cache and data of the setting app. 3. Restart the phone. 4. Run the phone in safe mode still the crash persist. 5.Wipe off the cache partitions. But still the setting app crashes. Also if we try to open data usage from other place like app setting options, the app still crashes. Before the phone was working perfect but after installing the new system updates this problem came. Please if this is the problem with the latest release of system updates then i request to resolve and release with stable update at the earliest. Please help me in resolving the above problem. Please let me know

  • Issue#1195277: Lenovo - While opening Data usage from settings, the app getting crash after official july security

    I m using Moto G plus 4 mobile with 3GB ram. Yesterday i.e on 9 Sept 2016, I updated the phone with the latest release of system updates(on 9 Sept 2016). Before update i was able to open the data usage from the setting. But after update whenever i open "data usage" from setting, the setting app crashes. I tried following ways to get rid of this problem but i failed. 1. Uninstalled antivirus and applock 2. Deleted the cache and data of the setting app. 3. Restart the phone. 4. Run the phone in safe mode still the crash persist. 5.Wipe off the cache partitions. But still the setting app crashes. Also if we try to open data usage from other place like app setting options, the app still crashes. Before the phone was working perfect but after installing the new system updates this problem came. Please if this is the problem with the latest release of system updates then i request to resolve and release with stable update at the earliest. Please help me in resolving the above problem. Please

  • Issue#6237: Lenovo - y40 70 .78ghz bios issue

    I'm trying to find out if anyone knows when/if lenovo is planning to get a bios update out out for these laptops to address the processor stuck at .78ghz while running on battery proglem. It appears to be an identical issue that the Z510 guys have been fighting with in this 40 page long post. I have confirmed it appears to be a very similar issue as throttlestop will resolve the issue when checking the 'prochot' checkbox, but this is not a viable/safe long term solution to the problem. If we can't get this issue resolve, i'm going to have several dozen of these laptops we are going to scrap and replace and I'm really not wanting to have to do that.

  • Issue#14690: Lenovo - IdeaPad 500-15ACZ Graphics Issue

    I hope someone can help me with this issue. Bought this laptop about a month ago and started having display issues. I have searched the forum on this issue and haven't found a resolution particular to my laptop model (then again, I could have overlooked something). Issue started a couple days ago presumably after a Windows update and started getting a message saying "display driver stopped responding and has recovered..." The screen kept blacking out, hang up then display the desktop. This happened over and over and every 4th or 5th time the laptop would restart. I eventually started getting "Windows didn't load correctly" and I had to boot into "safe mode". After 3 days of searching, I found many "resolutions" that included uninstalling the drivers and downloading the latest which I did, but to no avail. The only way I can use the laptop is to NOT reinstall the AMD drivers. Hopefully the following information will help someone with more technical experience provide a solutio