Issue#5365: Dell Inspiron 530S: floppy drive won't open

  • my floppy drive won't open.

    ⟐ Answered January 25, 2016 at 9:34 am -0700

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#834767: Dell - DELL Inspiron 5547 - Start Button Issue (won't turn on after power button shutdown)

    I am not the individual who initiated this query but I did have the same issue with my Dell Inspiron 5547, where it wouldn't turn on after a power button shut down.

  • Issue#1004016: Dell - Floppy Drive Automatically Opens in Dell Inspiron Laptop 3521

    Every 1 hour or so, My laptop makes a noise at Floppy Drive and it automatically opens up. I have no clue what is the issue

  • Issue#1045156: Dell Inspiron 530S: Why won't it start

    I have a new power supply and a new hard drive. The computer will not turn on. The green power light is on and the orange light on the mother board is on solid. When I turn on the computer (front button) the green power light in the back of the computer goes out and nothing happens. I tested the power supply before I put it in also.Why can't I get this computer to fire up??? Its been awhile but It was solved....Its a bad motherboard........Thanks for the help guys.... ⟐ Edited August 9, 2016 at 7:11 am -0700

  • Issue#1185125: Dell - New Inspiron 17 7000 Series 2-in-1 (I7778) - Second Hard Drive issue in 17 days...

    The Hard Drive on my second new Inspiron 17 7000 Series 2-in-1 just died. The first one only lasted 3 days. The second one lasted 13 days. Is anyone else having a lot of problems with the hard drives in these systems? The system hasn't been jarred (it hasn't even left my living room).

  • Issue#2489: Dell Inspiron N5010: N5010 - 8 beeps. Screen won't turn on

    Hello. I've had my N5010 for almost 3 years now, and lately I've come across some problems, which peaked with the last one - dead monitor apparntly. It started with overheating problems sometime ago, then 2-3 weeks ago whenever I turned on the laptop it wouln't boot or show anything, meaning it would turn on, the lights were on but there were no beeps of signs of boot or any display (well, screen backlight was actually going on but it was still dark), What I did whenever that happend was letting the battery dry out and then would plug it to the power supply and turn it on, usually worked. Then, about a week ago, it stopped working all together - whenever I turn it on, the screen stays black and after a few seconds the laptop starts to beep 8 times over and over again until I shut it down. I've read online that 8 beeps means there's a problem with my screen or something like that. I've tried connecting it to an external monitor yesterday and it does work. What are my options? My wa

  • Issue#26654: HP - optical drive won't open

    On Pavilion 600-1120 All-in-One optical drive the tray won't slide out.  From eject button or clicking eject from computer/E drive or from HP diagnostics a whirring sound occurs but the tray does not come out.  Unlike a laptop, there is no tiny hole to insert a paperclip.  Device Manager says the drive is working and the drivers are up to date.  I can slide in a CD or DVD but the diagnostic says "no media" and the CD or DVD I slid in ejects itself without any tray.

  • Issue#39699: Dell Inspiron Zino HD: My device won't power on

    I can't get the device to power on. . Tried unplugging everything and still nothing. ... help please

  • Issue#57745: Dell Inspiron 1100: My keyboard won't work

    How can I make my keyboard type

  • Issue#191732: Dell Inspiron 1525: Hard Drive not detected!

    I currently have an 80 GB sata hard drive and I bought an Hitachi 320 Gb sata drive to upgrade it with, but the laptop doesn't detect the drive, not even in the bios! It's brand new, and if I connect it using a USB adaptor, the drive shows up on my computer. The Bios has been updated to the current version. I'm at a loss, please help! Thanks! ⟐ Commented February 27, 2016 at 3:12 pm -0700

  • Issue#197639: Dell Inspiron 1545: VIRUS - Stuck in attemping repair and drive locked in windows reset

    My dell touch laptop got a pop up virus and now I am stuck in attempting repair over and over but it doesn't work and always goes back to the same options after it says that.. I can't log in or even get to the part were they as me for my password to get in. I tried all the options and resets but it always goes back to the same options and when i get to troubleshooting - advanced options and then reset it says that it is unable to do so as the drive is locked to please unlock it first and I have no idea how to do it.. I don't have any disc to put in as the laptop has no entry for it, I currently have Windows 10. I tried everything and I am out of options.. It also says this after it ends the attempted reset: "Startup repair couldn't repair your pc" And then a name of a logfile. Thank you so much in advance for your help! If more information is needed I will be glad to provide it! Sorry for the inconvenience. Best Regards!

  • Issue#200198: Dell Inspiron N5010: 3 beebs error and screen wont open Help

    I buy a laptop 3 years ago and today my laptop won't open and make 3 beebs. HELP I need this laptop I have personal documents please help ⟐ Answer accepted February 29, 2016 at 9:16 am -0700

  • Issue#203240: Acer - Aspire x1200 dvd drive won't open

    I have recently been given a free Acer Aspire x1200 mini desktop.  It works perfectly except for the DVD Drive.  It lights up and sounds like it wants to open but it's stuck.  I accessed the emergency pin hole and there's nothing in the drive.  I disconnected everything to give it a thorough clean (it was covered in dust.  I put everything back in and reconnected everything the way it was before.  I started it back up and the tray still won't open.  I'm thinking the DVD Drive needs to be replaced nut I don't know for sure.  It could also be the SATA cable that connects to the board might need replacing.  Is there anyone out there who can help me?  I would love to fix this up and sell it for some money towards fixing my car. Any help greatly appreciated!!!

  • Issue#219474: Dell Inspiron P09E: Laptop screen and TV screen won't display at same time with HDMI

    I installed an HDMI cable to my laptop (Dell Inspiron P09E) for video playing. I can make videos play on the P09E screen or on the TV, but not on both at the same time. I have tried Extend and Duplicate without success.

  • Issue#278246: Dell Inspiron 15-3521: I dropped my laptop and my screen won't work

    Can some one help my screen has weird colours ⟐ Answered March 14, 2016 at 3:48 am -0700

  • Issue#312198: Dell Inspiron 700m: windows will not open after changing 8 to 10

    how do I repair with advanced options

  • Issue#314854: Dell Inspiron 1525: Cannot get wireless after new hard drive

    Hi, I have recently replaced the hard drive, battery and power adapted for this laptop.. Since then I have lost the wireless capability of the laptop, the Ethernet connection works fine. I downloaded and installed the drivers that are available from dell support. The switch on the side of the laptop when you push it forward does not illuminate, however it does illuminate when the machine is turned off with the power still connected. Not sure if the new battery and adapter is connected with this issue, as the new battery isn't charging and the system says it doesn't recognise the adapter Quite frustrating so if anyone can help me that would be fantastic Thanks in adavance Steve

  • Issue#335683: Dell - Dell Inspiron 5558 won't boot to Windows 10

    I created a System Image Backup on a external hard drive and a Windows 10 64 bit Repair disc. Would you recommend that I also create a Windows 10 USB recovery drive? That would be a bit of overkill, wouldn't it? Thank you for your " One last suggestion...

  • Issue#336067: Dell - Will a data 3 6gb/s drive work with my inspiron 5520 with data 2 3gb/s

    Pankajtrijal Hi My sata 2 3gb/s on inspiron 5520 hard drive crashed so I m bought a new one with sata 3 which is 6 GB/s will it work on my laptop. Pankajtrijal Yes, SATA 3 HDs, are backwards compatible to SATA 2. Bev.

  • Issue#336298: Dell - Inspiron 15 5559 - won't wake from sleep

    Have you tried the steps as per my previous post? If yes, then kindly post a detailed description of the query as per the steps mentioned and we check on further course of action.

  • Issue#336503: Dell - Dell Inspiron won't connect to my iPhone hotspot

    I have been trying for four weeks to get my Dell PC that I bought in 2008 to connect to my iPhone hotspot. It can see the hotspot but it won't connect to the Internet. I obviously need some hardware. What do I need to purchase so that this freaking PC will connect to my hotspot?

  • Issue#337197: Dell - Add a hard drive to a laptop with no hard drive (like the cheapest Inspiron 14 3000 series)?

    Hi sawik, I really don't understand your question. Did you just buy this system?

  • Issue#344770: Dell - Help with DVD Drive on Dell Inspiron 5537

    Hi Pgarcia704 Thanks for writing to us. The issue could be a hardware or software related. Have you made any hardware or software changes recently ? Please try the below steps and let us know how it goes. Press win + R, in the dialogue box type in devmgmt.msc then click ok. Now in the device

  • Issue#349914: Dell - XPS8900 won't boot with external USB drive

    When he connects an external USB drive (Seagate 5TB), the computer will not boot. Instead it goes into a Dell diagnostics thing that starts testing his hardware components. In a traditional BIOS I would just go into the BIOS setup and adjust the boot order.

  • Issue#353547: Dell - Inspiron 15R won't turn on - makes clicking noise

    I also had the clicking noise and no start up with my 15R 5521 Inspiron. It is three years old and out of warranty. I have had the clicking problem for the last 9 months; Usually the machine started after trying to reboot three or four times, so I lived with it.

  • Issue#354395: Dell - Dell Inspiron 7359 Hard Drive

    Will a 9.5mm hard drive fit in a Inspiron 7359 2 in 1?

  • Issue#358482: Dell - Dell Inspiron n5110 won't BOOT

    Couple of days ago, my hard drive crashed so I bought a new hard drive from Amazon. So I put in the new hard drive into my computer and boot it up. Once I boot it up, nothing shows up not even the dell logo! So I put in my old hard drive but it boots normally! PLEASE HELP!!

  • Issue#359006: Dell - Will a sata 3 6gb/s drive work with my inspiron 5520 with sata 2 3gb/s

    Pretty much all laptop drives are about the same. Some of them offer a better warranty. Obviously an SSD drive will provide much better performance but the price difference between SSD and HDD for a drive that large is fairly significant.

  • Issue#361324: Dell - Inspiron 17 7000 DVD Optical Drive Draw Stuck

    I logged on with Dell a couple of days ago and the live chat feature was working (finally!). I spoke to Kim, who was very nice, and now the laptop is being returned to Dell for repair, collection tomorrow. '6-12 business days', apparently.

  • Issue#368854: Dell - Inspiron 5558 screen issue

    The screen will display multiple flashing colors. Look for lines, distortion, or any other video issues you have observed.