Issue#6526: Radio Control - HPI wheely king parts/project/slider

  • HPI wheely king parts lot, project, slider. well used, disassembled, wheely king. its a complete slider, just all apart. chassis, axles,trans,driveshafts, axle mounted servo plate, rear axle lockout, shocks, suspension link mounts, extra pieces/parts. all works good, beat on and dirty. put it back together and make a tough basher. $125. might trade, not looking for anything, NO nitro, helis under 1/10th scale or off-brand stuff. message here, call or text 2708602323

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  • Issue#1058952: Radio Control - HPI Wheely King With Mod

    Lots of fun,Fast with the Castle Side Winder ,Wheely King Crawler pkg, Extra set of tires new, Lots of parts All stock parts included No Radio Add your battery and Radio and your good to go Lots of up grades Front steering servo Futubas9405 fast Extra shocks Aluminium upgrades axle , shock posts ,Wheely Bar,shock posts Real tuff truck Just not using it for a while , no time Lighted front and rear lights Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#34770: Radio Control - New Custom Built Wheely King Monster Truck (RTR)

    New Custom Wheely King Monster Truck Wheelbase-11"...Width-12-1/2" J Concepts Stampede Ford F-150 Body...Painted and Detailed Traxxas MJ Tires and Wheels...each wheel has been cut and modded to add 5/8 Tires and Wheels have not been glued Custom Made Aluminum Links...4 Link Front and Rear Custom Made Aluminum Servo Mount on Axle Aluminum Rear Link Lock Out Traxxas E-Maxx Rear Drive Shaft...Stock Front Drive Shaft Lexan Sponsor Plates Aluminum Shocks Stock Electronics The truck has been bench tested for operation I noticed two tires had minor side wall ing...repaired with tire glue...will include one new set of HPI Wheely King tires/wheels,and one new set of Traxxas MJ tires/wheels Thanks...but no trades Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#100381: Radio Control - Giant HPI Savage parts

    Giant HPI Savage and others parts lot up for grabs. Some old, some beat, some junk, some new, some used, you get the picture. Cleaning up the shop and I need the room. Sorry but I wont ship, this is way too heavy. Unless your willing to pay for it. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#286576: Radio Control - New rovan sport body kit king motor hpi baja 5b

    NEW ROVAN SPORT BODY KIT KING MOTOR 1:5 HPI BAJA 5B $15 Shipped. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#324078: Radio Control - HPI/Novarossi C12 engine for parts

    I have an old worn out HPI/novarossi C12, made Italy. It's seen it's better days. No damage but threads on crank are a little rounded but could easily be cleaned up, and little to no compression just from use and storage. Make offer. PM is the quickest.

  • Issue#497307: Radio Control - Wanted stock wheely king shocks

    Looking for a set of stock wheely king or crawler king shocks.

  • Issue#615316: Radio Control - Bnib hpi parts/ o.s. Max/ofna exhaust etc...

    Selling a bunch of Brand New HPI RC CAR Parts and others too. I am new on this forum, but have 100% feedback on my eBay/ etc... and am glad to give you my screen name so you can see your self. I will be listing tons of RC Car's and RC Car parts soon! Any question's feel free to PM or Text me. ***PRICES DON'T INCLUDE THE PAYPAL 3.3%/$.30 FEES*** 1.) BNIB #6694 HPI SPUR GEAR 94T (64 PITCH) HPI6694 HPI NITRO RC CAR HPI RS4 Asking $20.00 Shipped 2.) BNIB #HPI1953 HPI NITRO STAR .12SS / .12R SS CYLINDER / PISTON Set Asking $60.00 Shipped 3.) BNIB #HPI6852 HPI PRO LINEAR SPRING 13x27x1.5mm GRAY HPI RS4 TOURING RC CAR SPRINGS Asking $15.00 Shipped 4.) BNIB MTC22088 MEGATECH LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM KINPIN SET HPI RS4 RC CAR'S HPI RS4 NITRO 2 Asking $16.00 Shipped 5.)BNIB O.S. MAX .12CV-R/CV-RX NITRO ENGINE BLUE HEATSINK HEAD Asking $40.00 Shipped B/O 6.) Used 1/10 Scale OFNA CRT .5 In-Line Dual Chambered Nitro Rc Car Exhaust(Chrome) Part# 40878 Asking $38.00

  • Issue#833641: Radio Control - HPI Porsche RS project

    Project for someone who wants it. Basically selling it for parts. Its been sitting forever and its time to let it go. Good compression in the engine. Needs tires and other TLC. Includes AM radio and receiver. Recently replaced the front to rear drive belt but I don't have time for it. Great drifter. I've been told this is a collectors edition but I have to move and don't have space for it anymore. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#866856: Radio Control - Few parts for hpi savage x.

    Im looking for a cheap charger for the 5 cell rx battery pack. And also looking for better serves. The stock ones just don't have what it takes.

  • Issue#912292: Radio Control - HPI R40 VINTAGE w/TITANIUM CHASSIS & loads of parts RARE

    I Have a Hpi R40...with enough parts to probably build 2 more rollers....nice car has titanium chassis...carbon fiber upper tray...carbon fiber exhaust pipe...this car is rare...very clean RB LOGICS engine great compression...very, very fast car if put to the test...extra new never used chassis...& about 4 or 5 set of tires...also some aluminum upgrades are included...what you see in the pics is what you me for PayPal info....please dont try to lowball me...alot of good things for the price. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#966779: Radio Control - BNIB - Hobby King Lancaster V2 - Free Shipping & Extra Parts

    I bought this with high hopes, but I realize that it's above my ability so it might as well go to someone that can fly it and enjoy it. It's still in the box, I only opened it up for inspection. I also purchased with it 1 x extra vertical stab, 2 x extra horizontal stab and 4 x sets of props. Will be shipped with insurance and once again thanks in advance for looking! Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#1034259: Radio Control - Thunder Tiger 130 Parts / Project engine

    At this point, I'd be happy to get enough cash for a fancy hamburger... I purchased this about a year ago for what I thought was a more-than-fair price. I'm not sure if the seller knew the condition of the engine he was shipping me or not, but caveat emptor. Sure, I did my research on this engine and it clearly is not quite an OS or Saito when it comes to reliability however I expected more than one run on the test stand. The vise-grip marks on the prop hub should have scared me off. As it sits, the engine needs a piston (scoring and ing skirt), ring (broken) and liner (scoring). If you're an industrious type who can make their own piston, than the liner could be salvaged with a hone. All parts present except for the ring which was useless anyway. Geez, after typing all that, $10 plus shipping could be a pipe dream. I'd go for an In-N-Out burger too. Make me an offer that will at least cover actual shipping costs and its yours. Attached Thumbnails

  • Issue#1102799: Radio Control - hundreds of NOS Duratraxx , trax and HPI parts

    multiple giant bags of NOS RC car parts, Duratraxx ,Traxx, HPI plus after market and also if locally picked up I will throw in a Dealer Duratraxx manual. 200.00 or best Note: The bags in the picture are the gallon size zip lock bags. This is for local pick up located in White Lake , Michigan Thank You Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#1136942: Radio Control - Hip Wheely King. LOWER PRICE Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#610: Radio Control - dji phantom 3 battery X2 and props and parts

    hi all i have this stuff i'm not going to be using cause i sold my P3P i'm asking $250 OBO one battery has one charge and the other had i think 8 or so , all the props are new with covering over holes and then i have some dampeners for the camera , let me know what you think paypal only NO trades , and you cover the paypal fees or gift i cover shipping thanks jon no memory card , just forgot to take it out the pic LOL Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#882: Radio Control - Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 Parts

    Up for sale are Raptor 30/50 $45 Shipped! Spare Parts: Rev Limiter Revolution Head Button w/ Seesaw Aluminum Motor Mount Thunder Tiger Windshield Blade Grips, Padels, Screws, Mainshaft, etc... Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#901: Radio Control - Park zone Sport Cub aileron issue

    Park zone Sport Cub First flight ended with a crash, bent prop, ed nose cowl Replaced parts Getting airplane ready for my second flight with it and I noticed that the right aileron is a few degrees down with the stick centered. Any ideas? And yes, I'm new at this. And yes I've thoroughly checked out all the transmitter settings,servos,links,horns, clevises, etc.. Thanks guys for any advice

  • Issue#1012: Radio Control - BNF Full fpv Hydrodipped 250 w/ delrin parts

    Hey guys got this new build here that is 95% complete in need of good home, someone who will finish it. Here's the deal on it... Everything in this build is brand new never been used. I got everything all put it all together and when I went to test the motors in cleanflight motor #2 is having a sputtering issue, I did some tests and determined that it is the motor not esc. I've decided just to sell it so I can focus my attention on my hmf u580. If you want I can buy a new motor and install it for a price of $245 shipped Here's the build: Hydro dipped ZMR 250 frame with upgraded delrin parts Emax 1806 2280kv motors DYS SN 16a escs Gemam 5045 BN props (balanced) Afroflight32 rev5 (betaflight flashed) Orangerx r410x receiver (6ch cppm) TS832 600mw 5.8ghz transmitter Short black 4 leaf clover antenna w/ right angle adapter Eachine 700tvl camera EC3 connector soldered to pcb (can solder xt60 if you want but included lipo has EC3) Kinexsis 2200mah 30c 3s lipo $225 shipped as is $245 shipped

  • Issue#1139: Radio Control - Thundertiger option parts for losi lst


  • Issue#1142: Radio Control - Thundertiger Ducati Option Upgrade parts

    hey Ducati fans Time is now to save and get the hard to find upgrades for your 1/8 scale Ducati motorcycle. ALL ARE BRAND NEW IN THE PACKAGES. RD Logic Super Duty front forks TTB-101 $ 40.00 RD logic G4 30mm Push Clutch set K1410 $50.00 Thundertiger Option parts CFRP Main frame Set PD6727 $60.00 CFRP RR Bracket set PD6728 $40.00 CFRF FR FRAME SET PD6726 $30.00 EACH TWO AVAIALBE ALUM MAIN MOUNT PD6730 $ 20.00 A75.SLIDER W/BB,S30P PD1858 $15.00 CFRF CARB SERVOTRAY (S) S30P PD1842-S $15.00 ALUMINUM SHOCK BOTTOM S3 PD1995 $12.00 aLUMINUM SHOCK RETAINER,S3 OP PD1994 $15.00 ALL PRICING IS PLUS SHIPPING I'M NOT AMAZON!!! Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#1156: Radio Control - Ms composite parts

    HEY GUYS I HAVE THE FOLLOWING MS Composite helicopter parts all are brand new in the package and extremely hard to find. Main Blade Grips Main gear Standard paddle Tail Pitch slider complete kit Carbon fiber tail feathers Everything for $25.00 shipped Lower 48 Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#1236: Radio Control - Nip engine parts os, ys, thunder tiger, fox, webra,and more

    I have just purchased all of the engine parts from a local hobby shop. There are OS, YS,webra, Thunder Tiger, magnum, asp,zenoah , and fox. I will not separate parts in singles I am either selling by brand or entire lot. Please PM if looking for a price for specific brand otherwise entire lot is $60 With Free shipping to lower 48 Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#1297: Radio Control - Axe CP parts or parts heli or even RTF or PNP :P or whatever :)

    Hey all, really I just need the Bell Hiller seesaw parts, with or without the blade grips as they are fine. I also need the tail motor housing and/or another tail motor. I am not opposed at all to using one of those tail servo clamps style deals and simply clamping it around the motor and gluing or screwing it onto the tail boom. I used to use the tail servo mount deal off of the Blade 400 to do so. Perhaps some new rotors may be a good idea and/or any and all other spare parts you'd be willing to get rid of, I suppose it wouldn't be a bad idea. And upgrade parts too why not. If affordable, I'm all for it :) But, help a brother out here if you can, I am just a poor ol' college kid trying to get back into my hobby after nearly EVERYTHING was stolen from my storage shed except some of the older "meh" stuff being left. It is all much appreciated guys, Ron

  • Issue#1923: Radio Control - SW capacitor/ librepilot issue HELP!!

    Hi all, I have a problem.. My Eachine landed from about a metre flat on its belly and the SW capacitor came off, and one off the connecting pins broke so I replaced with a 470uf 25v from maplin.. LibrePilot takes longer than usual to choose the FC in wizard then on setting the motor start points that SW motor runs seemingly slower and rattly, then on saving the wizard settings it gets to preparing mixer settings and crashes there. That's about as much info as I have as I'm new to this and only had my Eachine 2 days Thanks in advance

  • Issue#2930: Radio Control - FT: Loaded HPI Baja 5sc (G32, Bartolone, TR, etc)

    Canada only and I am mainly looking for trades. HPI Baja 5SC with lots of mods. Engine is a new Zenoah G32cc with only 5-6 runs on it but for some reason the engine has to much compression and is physically very hard to pull over. The engine does run but DDM sent me a complete head kit to replace this one. The truck has loads of after market parts on it and I tried to take as many pix as I could showing all the mods. The truck would cost well over $4000 to replace. For trades I am interested in Traxxas E-Revo, e-maxx, X-Maxx, Axial yeti, or yeti xl, hpi Savage flux, and other brushless trucks. The trucks must be mint. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#3303: Radio Control - Predator Drone Parts

    I have Left Fuselages, landing gears, rear motor covers, some stickers/decals and a few manuals left. I have rear tail feather sets also. No more wings but custom wings can be built to order. We like to increase the size for better performance pm for pricing Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#3838: Radio Control - FC40 parts combo - Naza FC, Receiver, Transmitter, Camera

    For sale are some parts taken from my FC40. Not sure if it matters for these parts, but the FC40 these came from was never crashed, and had around an hour of total flight time on it. - FC40 Naza Multirotor V2 flight controller - FC40 Receiver - FC40 Transmitter with smartphone holder - FC40 Wifi Camera - FC40 PCB (battery cable extended using Turnigy 14 AWG wire) $120 OBO. Price includes shipping to US or Canada. If you need a bracket to mount the camera to, and find one on Thingiverse, I'll 3D print it for free. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#3839: Radio Control - SkyZone 5.8Ghz 200mw Range issue

    Hi! i am very new to Quad flying and am having a little trouble with my FPV Setup, i purchased the Quanum V2,, and the Quanum Nova quad, been having heeps of fun flying but when i tried to get the goggles to work i was getting less than 15m without the no signal warning, i have the Transmitter mounted inside the quad with the antenna poking out between the two front rotors, ( i can post a pick if you need) is there something interrupting the signal because of this mounting point? when i am next to the drone the signal is clear as day without much static at all, any ideas why this is happening? Thanks!!!

  • Issue#4004: Radio Control - assault reaper 500 3d quad parts

    Hello I have a few parts for an assault reaper 500 3D quad-copter. i just recently had a fire and the quad is toast but now i have the parts that were also in the fire but were in a tool box and smell of light smoke. some have smoke residue on the packaging but one removed from plastic they will be okay. asking 200 for all. will part out if people want and will negotiate prices on individual items. 1- frame boom b- 2.98 2-drive shaft-5.99=11.98 1-canopy set-17.17 2-frame boom a-2.68=5.36 4-rotor shafts-5.14=20.60 2-digital servo-34.26=68.52 1-landing gear-3.40 2-pitch slider sleeve (cw)-3.93=7.86 2-pitch slider sleeve (ccw)-3.93=7.86 3- sets green blades-2.68=8.04 2-sets black blades-2.68=5.36 2-blade grips-4.46=8.92 3-packs belts-6.42=19.26 3-front pulley mounts-4.63=13.89 1-rear pulley mount-3.00 2-push roods-1.94=3.88 1-mount (cw)-4.94 1-mount (ccw)-4.94 1-servo mount-1.44 4-spur gears-3.93=15.72 1-drive pulley gear-2.68 1-rotor pulley-1.75 1-lock collar-1.75 1-screw set-8.91 250