Issue#854: Playstation - error CE-34878-0 (game won't load)

  • Tried playing digital version of MLB 15 The Show and it wou'd load. Got error page with error CE-34878-0 and option to report error which I did.


    Looked up on Google "CE-34878-0 PS4" and found others had problems. Suggestion by some was to turn off console and reinstall game. Some said it worked, others said it didn't.


    I went to NOTIFICATIONs and looked for MLB 15 The Show and used the Reinstall Appllication option, not reinstalling the whole nor did I delete the game.


    Went back to game and it loaded properly and I am now playing it.


    Nothing works for everyone.

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  • Issue#21456: Playstation - FIFA 16 - Error CE-34878-0: Fix for This Issue?

    So so disappointed in the technical support provided by Playstation.  Issue has been with Playstation for 2 months and each time I have to call for an update.   They have provided troubleshooting steps several times but it does not fix the error.   I purchased the Fifa 16 game of disc and each time you score a goal the system crashes and blue screens.  There are many internet sites where it says that Playstation know about this error however they do not have a fix.  Totally disappointed.  They can not guarantee that if I purchase the game online and the same error occurs they will replace my money.  I definately won't be buying a playstation again should the console die.      Mod Edit: Moved thread to support area, updated title. --GrainneNessa

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    Dr. Playstation Ever since I have bought my PS4 I have been expericeing the CE-34878-0 error. Its been really frusting I am not the only person that gets this error I have lots of other people I play with that get this error as well. I have tryied all of your troubleshooting ideas you have listed on your website none of them work. Now the CE-34878-0 error will show no warning that it is about to crash the game runs fine and all of a sudden boom blue screen of death. I thought it might me the game I was playing was poorly optimiszed but it does it to all of my games at random times. Also have re-installed the games as well no secuess. So I have crossed out the game being the issue. So the only thing I can guess it that maybe it is a OS background task that is running during my games that is causing the crash. So that would make it a Firmware issue not Hard drive or Console issue. Also this error will occur 3 or 4 times a week and then go a month with no crashes and then it will sta

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    Some one may can help it?

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    It happened when I hit Supply Raid and decided to click on DLC matches, then downloaded a map pack. Next thing I knew everytime I went into a match, the maps wouldn't load during loading screen (when everyone decides on a map to pick by clicking on the picture), and afterwards, I would pick my loadout and etc., then nothing. I would wait there until the game took me out by 'losing connection to the host' I haven't been able to play for almost 2-3 hours now. I've tried everything. I reinstalled the other free map packs over again, and nothing works. Can someone help me please? 

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    Uncharted 4 still not working for me with a redownload of the game and the 1.03 patch.- If I start from scratch I can play the game (got to Chapter Six).- As soon as I load a save and play the game it crashes.Please post on the Naughty Dog forum to request support: PS4 Model: CUH-1004A Downloaded US version of the game Fresh install 5/13/2016 640 GB free

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    Anyone having this issue? My game won't load past the naughty dog title screen. It just goes black and doesn't get to the main menu. All software is up to date and versions. My disc reader will read blue Ray and dvds and digital downloads. I don't have another game to try. I'm at 94% complete to get platinum and this happens. Just my luck.

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    I got the Monopoly Family Fun Pack for myself and my siblings last week during the Mid-Year Sale (only installed it this weekend due to internet outage) along with the My Little Pony board DLC. However, when we try to play the MLP board, it is locked in the Additional content menu, even though it is installed and when we click on it, it sends us to the PS Store where a message reads "No content was found. (WC-40331-1)" Any attemps to Google or search the support page for the answer to what the code even means come up with no answers. The Monopoly game itself seems to work fine but seeing I already paid for the DLC content, I would like to get my money worth and be able to play it. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advanced

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    Corrupt data  error  codes  ce340544-and ce32930-7

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    Error message says please run channel auto scan

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    Hi I have a PlayStation 4 Black OPS 3 and it will not load. If I buy the new Gold additon on disk or download. Can I transfer my old files to it, or do I have to start all over again? Thanks for you help

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    Soo ImTrying to play Black Ops 3 and When I click on it, it says "an error has occurred". And On the game Picture on the bottom of it there is a Pause button. (BTW this is PS4)Please Help the Dlc 4 just came out and i Wanna play it.

  • Issue#2551: Playstation - Error ce-34878-0 help?

    I was trying to watch twitch it keep giving me the error ce-34878-0 for 3 days . I got mad and cursed at Sony in the report and it fix it. I'm not lying. Not sure if it will work for you tho.

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    Hey everytime I try to connect online it works sometimes on every game it says I've been disconnected from the playstaition network online features will be unavailable but I try to join a match like 3 more times then it lets me in a game.

  • Issue#3769: Playstation - Small issue with Destiny the game itself, not being on the play store

    okay so I bought my system (ps4) and it came with the digital copy of Destiny the game. okay cool so recently I decited to buy the legendary edition for the dlc (downloadable content) and i was having issues in the game (a bungie issue) i thought maybe if I put the disk in it would fix the issue, (which it didnt) but reguardless using the disk replaced the digital copy and now I cant download the game again (only the game with the dlc is available on play store with the original game) so I have to constantly switch the disk when I want to play the game which is annoying because I already have the digital copy.. I mean I know theyre not gonna put the game bak on the market just for me but its kindof lame that I had to buy the game again because I wanted the dlc and the best deal at the time for everything.. i doubt theirs some way to resolve my small stupid issue, but Id like to be able to give my extra copy to a friend because I bought it after I already owned the game and now i cant .

  • Issue#4870: Playstation - i am having problems with the error ce 34878-0

    when im in the middle of my gaming session on blacklight retribution on the ps 4 im having the following error code ce 34878-0...this is a problem with a game or my ps4???help me on this issue please developers i love this gameee....

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    Anybodys twitch app crashing . My been down for 4 days

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    I purchased madden 16 and it went through paid for it and everything went to download and its not in my library so I went back to ps store to see if it went through and its still asking if I'd like to buy so I tried again thinking it didn't go through well it won't allow me to and I checked my bank statement the payment went through

  • Issue#16483: Playstation - error code CE-34878-0

    hello i am having trouble connecting to the PSN, its been over 24hrs and i still can not connect, do you have a solution?

  • Issue#16602: Playstation - Playstation now won't load (blank blue screen)

    I started my 7day free trial a while ago and had trouble starting the app on the ps4. So I ended up stopping the subscription. Today I bought the subscription for £12 because my trial won't work even tho I never got to use it. When I click on ps now I get the "playstation now" at the top of the screen but the rest is a blank blue screen. Iv waited ages and nothing loads up. When I go to the PlayStation store I only get a very small selected amount of games that I can play. I have tried a game and it worked even tho it was a bit jumpy. Any solutions for this? I tested the connection before buying and it said it would work. I'm not willing to pay £12 for a blank blue screen and about 15 games I'm not really interested in.

  • Issue#16605: Playstation - The division beta won't load

    It tells me to select the version of beta with the only option saying "game". When I select it a window pops up that says download or cancel. When I click download nothing happens and it goes back to The Division Beta page without ever starting the download. I have already entered my beta code as well.

  • Issue#16793: Playstation - (cannot load friend list) NW 31456-9 error code

    Please help its been 2 months.. this error... I already follow the insuctions in suggested actions but its still not working.. 

  • Issue#19581: Playstation - PS4 Error CE-34878-0 Help

    So I was playing black ops 3, got out of the match when it finished and it froze . So I thought it just froze so I turned my ps4 off and turned it back on. Everything seemed fine until I started up my game , I got this . Now it sat on this screen for like 2 minutes then went black screen and came up with the error code (the title) . I said do not report and it came back to the dashboard. Then it froze here and I couldn't do anything. Then went black screen again and reset back to dashboard. All of my games do the same thing as above. I have initialized my ps4 and obviously reset it multiple times. Please help! Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#26792: Playstation - ps4 game error message

    Anyone have an error message pop up after playing a game for awhile that says game will shut down in 15 minutes because it cannot verify license.I have had this happen on NBA 2k15 and Risk. Any thoughts

  • Issue#33597: Playstation - error code CE-34878-0 Fifa 16

    I've tried multiple ways to fix acording to many message boards. Game and system are up to date also tried to initialise.