Issue#8686: Factory Mode/Turning on Fairphone without on/off button

  • @Mario_de_Vries wrote:

    Hi Fairphone owners,

    Unfortunately the on/off button of my Fairphone 1 stopped working. I know there is a tric to turn it on without using the on off button. I now came as far as the Factory Mode (see picture) but I can't select any of the options in any combination of pressing buttons (volume, home etc). I am however able to scroll the menu. Has anyone ever been in the same situation?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#117977: Fairphone - Blocked in standby mode: screen is not reactivated by pushing power button

    @Clement wrote: Hello, When my phone is on standby mode (after using it by pushing the power button for example) I can't switch the screen back on. It remains black when I press the power button although the phone is still working since the red LED is blinking.When this happens I just can't control the phone anymore: I have no access to the screen! Only workaround I found: unplugging the battery and re-plugging it... Not very gentle... Anyone with the same problem? It is really annoying and happens more and more frequently! Clément Posts: 2 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#722580: Fairphone - Factory mode doesn't start in encrypted

    @masteler wrote: I followed the instructions to start factory mode, for few times, waiting 15/30 minutes and this doesn't start. My FP2 has the last update available to date (june 3rd, 2016) My FP2 is encrypted (other posts says it takes longer to complete the starting) Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#750208: Fairphone - Reboot FPU1 not possible, bootloop to Factory Mode

    @Florian3 wrote: Hi! I Can't reboot my FPU1. It only starts in the 'Factory mode' and it is not possible to go to the 'Recovery Mode' even if I use the volume up button an the power button.when I start the phone. What can I do? The volume button seems not to be fixed, what is mentioned here as a common Problem. Posts: 2 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#996243: HP - My laptop is not turning on when i press the power button.How to resolve this issue?

    when i press power button some noise comes for few seconds and then it goes and not starting. No error message nothing is displaying and after trying so many times its turning on. I am not able to turn it on in first trail.What to do?

  • Issue#2060: BLU C MUSIC: not turning on with power button

    Hi my phone fell in water, i took it out instantly and dried it up, left it out to air dry for a couple of days without the battery and sim card.I tried turning it on with the power button but it will not turn on. I called it to see if i can receive calls and it came on, but i cant turn it off now.

  • Issue#4428: HP - Power button issue for Compaq PC

    A friend of mine brought me a PC which has issue on the power button (Compaq Presario CQ3032L).He told me that his power supply was OK, and motherboard is also Ok, but the problem is the cable/wirewhich connect from motherboard to power button has split into pieces and we do not know exactly handwhere are we going to insert it. Please give me a hand to solve this issue. Thanks a lot.

  • Issue#8085: Android - Stuck in recovery mode - power button broken

    Hello, I recently rooted my samsung s5 (odin and CF-Auto-Root-klte-kltedv-smg900i.tar) to try and troubleshoot my power button not working, as when I restarted before root, it would work for a minute then stop. But after rooting i accidentally restarted my phone with a power manager app in recovery mode and now I can not connect to my phone via odin. The closet image i could get is this and on the top of the text in red it has: Android System recovery... Stuck in recovery mode - power button broken

  • Issue#8691: Fairphone - Notifications still sound if silenced phone is put in priority notification mode

    @evidemment wrote: I'm not sure it's a known bug... but I put my phone in priority notification setting and it still makes the notification sound even if silenced... anyone has the same problem? Posts: 4 Participants: 3 Read full topic

  • Issue#11498: Nexus 5: How to fix a Power Button Issue?

    As i press the power button once the phone shows the Turn off Mode. after 10 secs the phone restarts and continues until i hold the power button or press it for sometime. ⟐ Commented January 26, 2016 at 7:05 pm -0700

  • Issue#16476: LG Optimus G: Phone Does Not Go Into Factory Reset Mode (Hard Reset)

    i have a Lg Optimius G LS970. The Phone Locked me out and is asking for Email and Pass-code. Unfortunately i do not have my info, I am attempting to do a factory Hard Reset, however while holding down the Volume Down Button + Power Button, the Phone goes to the LG Boot Up screen and then shuts off. if i let go of the buttons the phone just boots up completely and takes me to the screen that asks for email and pass-code. Any Form of help would be nice, Thank You - Alex ⟐ Commented January 27, 2016 at 5:22 pm -0700

  • Issue#19381: ADS/joining party button issue!

    Hi guys, First off really enjoyed what I have played so fair. the issue I have found is that if you go to ADS at the same time you receive a party invite then you will automatically leave you're game and join the party you were invited to. Have only spent a few hours Xbox beta but this happened twice. Hopefully Ubisoft get to now about this soon and fix it before full release.

  • Issue#20175: Fairphone - Cannot start in bootloader mode

    @nivekznews wrote: Hey there, i want to root my my fairphone 2. I use this guide for the installation of superuser. As far as i see there are to possibilities to get into bootloader. Either I could run adb reboot bootloader or I can press "volume up" + "power", then choose "reboot to bootloader" In both cases my fairphone (re)boots but then stucks at the fairphone bootup screen (black background and "fairphone" in white letters). Does anybody have an idea what i am doing wrong? I would be greatful for your help. Posts: 2 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#25636: The Division PC Beta Uplay Issue (Play Button Not Working)

    Update my game 01/29/2016 CET 1am but : Help us Ubi.

  • Issue#26988: Fairphone - Switch 'back' and 'options' button

    @Setarkos91 wrote: Hi,The 'back' and 'options' buttons are reversed (left-right) compared to the FP1. Is it possible to switch them back? It is confusing me already...Thanks Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#28600: iPhone 5c: screen issue. Only when home button pressed

    Hi I'm having issues with the screen. When I press on the home button on bottom of the screen water marks appear. Like when you press to hard on laptop screen. But only when pressing the button. Thank you for your time.

  • Issue#30680: Lenovo - lenovo horizon ideacentre 27 pc mode video issue

    I am having trouble with my ideacentre 27. I went to turn on my computer one day and it says power saving mode and counts down 10 seconds and then the screen shuts off..i think it continues into booting up the pc, but theres nothing on the screen. When i plug my ps3 into the hdmi, it works just fine... I could use some advice on this please.

  • Issue#31530: Full screen mode issue

    Hi, I have to play in window mode becouse when i'm changing it into full screen, game just goes down to start bar and i can not open it. Any ide how to fix it? Windows 8.1 64bit Inter core i5-5200u Geforce 940m 2gb 8gb DDR3

  • Issue#35246: Amazon - Fire for kids volume button issue

    When volume button (up or down) is pressed, 'System & Notifications' pops up, but volume does not change. Reply to this post.

  • Issue#37163: Fairphone - Safe Mode deletes all accounts and widgets, also in normal mode

    @m4lvin wrote: I rebooted to safe mode which in other forums was recommended to get rid of the "Couldn't add widget" above recent apps, where the google search bar was. As expected all widgets and many apps were not visible in safe mode. "Couldn't add widget" was still there though. I rebooted to normal mode and was surprised that widgets were still gone. Moreover, all accounts (Davdroid, ownCloud, etc.) are gone and some apps lost their settings. The FP2 launcher also crashes right after boot. Guess I will finally get to try "adb restore". Should we consider the safe mode, hm, unsafe? Maybe it is this bug from 2013? Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#38197: why is volume control button turning off volume and not adjusting volume only?

    when i push volume control it turns off volume completely and does not control volume at all. i found this out the hard way when using GPS while driving and tried to turn up volume and lost sound altogether. it does not toggle back on. thought i was doing something wrong in GPS system. then this morning while using the timer, i tried to adjust volume and it turned off sound completely.

  • Issue#43620: Unity - App in debug mode, keystore set, still issue

    I'm a Unity developer but today I was going to publish my first app to the Google Playstore. My app runs fine on the testing device, I have set the keystore and not checked 'developement' withing the publish settings. However, every time I try to publish it and upload the app to the playstore, I get the error: 'App is in debug mode'. I've searched hours to find this issue, updated my JDK, Android SDK and such, but nothing changes. I'm using Unity3D 5.3.0f4. Does anyone has an idea what I'm... App in debug mode, keystore set, still issue

  • Issue#47383: Acrobat Reader - Reader preferences issue, ok button?

    I am using the latest Reader version (15) on Windows 10, and the preferences window has a glitch with the ok and cancel buttons, as can be seen in the following images. On some categories, they're not there at all (first image), on others they're mostly behind the taskbar (second image), and even then they might disappear out of view of the window (third image). I am scrolled down all the way in all images, as you can see. Is this the right place to report a glitch like this? 

  • Issue#47844: Unity - App in debug mode error, keystore set, still issue

    I'm a Unity developer but today I was going to publish my first app to the Google Playstore. My app runs fine on the testing device, I have set the keystore and not checked 'developement' withing the publish settings. However, every time I try to publish it and upload the app to the playstore, I get the error: 'App is in debug mode'. I've searched hours to find this issue, updated my JDK, Android SDK and such, but nothing changes. I'm using Unity3D 5.3.0f4. Does anyone has an idea what I'm... App in debug mode error, keystore set, still issue

  • Issue#49841: Stop Macbook from turning off in clamshell mode and unplugged?

    So it's bad to work all day with your Macbook plugged in and at 100% all day every day. Problem is, when the laptop is in clamshell mode and 2 monitors are plugged in and you unplug it, it goes to sleep. There any way to prevent this?

  • Issue#55263: Sony - When I press the Rec button software update issue

    When I press the REC button it asks me to download the latest software but my TV Softere saids it's up to date , what do I do ?

  • Issue#62709: Fairphone - FP2: Sync Issue with MS Exchange (contacts)

    @KleinerAdmin wrote: My Exchange account on FP2 in general works: mails, calendar and contacts sync fine. But entering or changing a birthday entry in the Android contacts app prevents syncing contacts with Exchange any more. Syncing works again if the birthday entry is dropped in FP2. If birthday entries are entered or changed in my Office Outlook or Outlook Web Access, these changes are successfully synced with my FP2. Searching the web gives a highly interesting result (androidcentral). In short, an internal format mismatch of the Androids date is most likely the reason my Exchange 2013 server rejects this sync request. I created Exchange server-side logs and found the following error message in the sync-log: SyncCommand_ConvertRequestsAndApply_Change_AcceptClientChange_Exception : Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.AirSyncPermanentException bei Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.SchemaConverter.AirSync.AirSyncUtcDateTimeProperty.get_DateTime() bei Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.SchemaConverter.

  • Issue#68404: Fairphone - Is there a testing mode on FP2?

    @paulkreuzer wrote: I just tried to go to testing mode like it worked on FP1 (Volume Down + Power), but I got stuck on the "Fairphone, powered by Android"-Screen. Rebooting didn't work, taking the battery out neither and I couldn't get to recovery mode either. The only thing that did work was plugging the phone in. It then "optimized apps", but that didn't take long. I'm not asking you to try, but did anybody go to testing mode yet? Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#76520: Autodesk - graphics issue with Revit - roof goes to WF mode when uncropping view

    Has anyone experienced this issue, as it is new to me after going to Revit 2016. I have a graphics issue where my roof goes to wireframe mode when uncropping my elevation view. See attached screenshot.  

  • Issue#79539: Project CARS - Thrustmaster 458 button mapping issue

    Hello, It's my own fault but I changed my buttons around on my steering wheel and changed the clutch to the A button. Not expecting it to remove its use from the home screen on the game. Anyone any ideas how I can reset my controls ? please remember I cannot use the A key on my steering wheel to go into settings and my Xbox control doesn't respond whilst the wheel is connected